"After Mors fell in battle, Nymeria took command of his armies and united Dorne - in two years. She ruled for twenty-seven more, and though she married again, those husbands were little more than counselors and consorts; Dorne was Nymeria and Nymeria was Dorne."
Ellaria Sand[src]

Lord Davos Dayne was the third husband of Princess Nymeria.


Davos was the son and heir of King Vorian Dayne, who was sent to the Wall after being defeated by Nymeria, who took Davos himself as her husband.[1] Although Davos was the husband, it was the Princess herself who held the true power between the two of them, with Davos being little more than a counselor and consort. The son they had did not succeed Nymeria, as the Dornish rules of succession are gender-neutral.[2]

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