"When many speak of Harrenhal, their voices drop to whispers. About Mad Lady Lothston, who was said to send a giant bat to send children for her crock pots, and to bathe in blood and serve feasts of human flesh."
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Danelle Lothston was a Lady of Harrenhal and the head of House Lothston. She's also known as Mad Lady Lothston and is the stuff of tales and horror stories.

According to tales, Mad Lady Lothston cooked children, which she captured by sending a giant bat - the sigil of House Lothston - out of the castle of Harrenhal, bathed in blood, and served feasts of human flesh.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Mad Danelle's backstory is the same. She ruled Harrenhal during the reign of Aerys I and was a loyal vassal of the Iron Throne. She had long red hair and wore tight-fitting black armor. She was one of the riverlords who came in support of Lord Brynden Rivers when he marched on Whitewalls to arrest Daemon II Blackfyre.

The Lothstons held Harrenhal during the time of the Tales of Dunk and Egg prequel novellas, with Mad Lady Lothston herself appearing in the third story in the series, The Mystery Knight​. Thus she might appear in any potential adaptation of the prequels.

The legends about Mad Lady Lothston bathing in the blood of slain children are loosely similar to the real-life seventeenth century Hungarian noblewoman Elizabeth Báthory.

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