"This letter detailing our infantry movements was meant for Lord Damon of House Marbrand. It was sent to Lord Marlin of House Dormund."
Tywin Lannister[src]

Damon Marbrand is the Lord of Ashemark and the head of House Marbrand. He is a bannerman of House Lannister and the father of Ser Addam Marbrand.


Season 2

Due to Ser Amory Lorch's nigh-illiteracy, a letter from Tywin Lannister to Lord Damon is accidentally sent to Lord Marlin of House Dormund, a vassal of House Stark.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novel, little is mentioned of Lord Damon Marbrand. He is not present at his seat during the Battle of Ashemark, with a castellan holding the castle instead.

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Lord: Lord Damon Marbrand Heir: Ser Addam Marbrand
Seat: Ashemark Lands: The Westerlands
Title(s): Lord of Ashemark
Overlord: House Lannister
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