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"Dreams didn't make us kings. Dragons did."
―Daemon Targaryen[src]

Prince Daemon Targaryen[c] is a prince of the Targaryen dynasty, and the younger brother of King Viserys I Targaryen. He is the uncle and royal consort of Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen.

Daemon is a renowned warrior and a dragonrider, wielding the Valyrian steel sword Dark Sister and riding the dragon Caraxes into battle.



Daemon is the grandson of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen and his sister wife Queen Alysanne, the son of Prince Baelon the Brave and Princess Alyssa, and the younger brother of King Viserys.[9]

At some point, Daemon tried to reclaim his mother's dragon, Meleys, but she was instead claimed by Rhaenys Targaryen, Daemon's cousin, which angered him.[14]

His father died of a burst belly, which caused a succession crisis that was resolved with the Great Council at Harrenhal, in which Daemon's older brother Viserys was chosen by the lords of Westeros as the new Prince of Dragonstone[4] When Viserys become king, Daemon become his presumptive heir to the Iron Throne.[1]

Ser Otto Hightower, the Hand of the King, considers Daemon the greatest threat to the realm. He is the rider of the dragon Caraxes, an older dragon known as the Blood Wyrm. An experienced and skilled fighter, he wields Dark Sister, the Valyrian steel sword of his grandfather's great aunt Visenya Targaryen. Unlike his older brother, Daemon is - despite his great cunning - an unpredictable and impulsive rogue.[1]

At the Great Council at Harrenhal, Viserys was chosen by the lords of Westeros as the successor to King Jaehaerys, whose health had begun to fail and who had lost both his sons. During the first nine years of his brother's reign, Daemon served on the Small Council, both as Master of Laws and later as Master of Coin. However, he was removed from those offices, both times at the insistence of Otto Hightower. The rivalry between Daemon and Otto continued, as the Hand saw the prince as a threat if he were to ever become king, possibly a second Maegor the Cruel. Daemon in turn saw Otto as a dishonorable leech who wanted to rise as high as he could get, since his status as a second son would not allow him to inherit anything of his own. Most of the council sided with Otto in this conflict, but Daemon was always defended by his brother.[1]

At some point King Viserys arranged a marriage for his younger brother, wedding him to Rhea Royce, the Lady of Runestone. Neither party was happy with this match, with Daemon disparagingly referring to his wife as his "bronze bitch".[1]

Daemon's personal coat of arms features the three-headed red dragon of House Targaryen, adorned with golden scales and within a border of golden fire. His helmet, forged from Valyrian steel, is adorned with the head and wings of a dragon.[15]

House of the Dragon: Season 1[]

Daemon GoldCloaks

Daemon leads the City Watch.

Daemon returns to King's Landing following a journey and his niece Rhaenyra greets him in the Red Keep's throne room while he is sitting on the Iron Throne. As a gift from his travels, he presents her with a necklace made of Valyrian steel and fastens it upon her. With Daemon wielding the Valyrian steel sword Dark Sister, he claims that they now both own a small piece of their heritage.[1]

That night, he leads the City Watch of King's Landing in a ruthless show of force, rounding up the city's criminals and administering brutal summary justice; Daemon himself personally beheads an accused murderer with Dark Sister. In a Small Council meeting the next day, Daemon is accosted by Otto for the mass violence he has inflicted, to which Daemon defends his actions as necessary measures to ensure safety both for the nobility arriving for Viserys's tournament and King's Landing's smallfolk who are at the mercy of the city's lawlessness. When Corlys Velaryon speaks up in favor of Daemon's actions, Otto insinuates that Daemon could perhaps show the same dedication he showed to the City Watch towards his wife, leading Daemon to insult both his own and Otto's late wife in retaliation. Before the argument can escalate further, Viserys defuses the tension, admonishing Otto for responding to Daemon's provocation, while warning Daemon that another similar show of force will not be tolerated.[1]

While making love to his mistress Mysaria, Daemon grows frustrated at the treatment he is being given by Viserys and the members of the Small Council. Mysaria soothes his irritation and reminds him that given his power and reputation, Viserys cannot easily replace him.[1]

Daemon vs Criston

Daemon duels Criston Cole at the Heir's Tournament.

During the Heir's Tournament, Daemon competes to represent House Targaryen, where he quickly proves his worth as a skilled fighter, even taking the chance to mock Otto further by defeating his son Gwayne and earning his daughter Alicent's favor. However, he is defeated in a joust by Ser Criston of the minor House Cole. Enraged, he demands his squire deliver Dark Sister to him to continues the battle in a duel. Though he initially gains the upper hand, Criston defeats Daemon when he turns his back on him, leading Daemon to storm off.[1]

When Queen Aemma dies after in an attempt to save her child Baelon, as well as the child's death shortly after, Daemon is present during their funeral. Though he can plainly see Rhaenyra's anger towards Viserys, Daemon urges her to support him nonetheless, believing he needs her more than ever. In a Small Council meeting later on, Daemon watches the council unseen in the shadows, hearing Otto's insistence that he cannot be heir to the Iron Throne, lest he become a second Maegor the Cruel. Some time later he hosts officers of the City Watch at a brothel, where he raises a toast to his late nephew Baelon.[1]

OT Viserys and Daemon

Viserys disinherits Daemon.

Daemon is later summoned by Viserys to the throne room, where his brother questions him on his naming of Baelon as the "Heir for a Day." Seeing his brother's anger, Daemon insists that it was his own way of showing grief. When Viserys becomes furious at how Daemon chose to celebrate his restored status with his cronies, rather than comfort Viserys and Rhaenyra during their family's tragedy, Daemon retaliates by stating that he had only ever tried to cast him away, such as sending him to the Vale and making him commander of the City Watch, instead of being Hand of the King. Viserys grows angrier at the notion but Daemon believes he should inherently become his Hand as his brother. Viserys says that Otto is a better Hand that he could ever be, leading Daemon to call his brother weak and insult the Small Council as leeches who plainly know it as well. Viserys then disinherits Daemon as his heir and orders him to return to the Vale; Daemon tries to approach him but is stopped by the Kingsguard ready to defend Viserys, leading him to walk away in silent fury.[1]

As Viserys names Rhaenyra the new heir to the Iron Throne, Daemon is instead at the Dragonpit with Mysaria and his dragon Caraxes. Angered at Viserys denying him his right to the throne, he leaves King's Landing with his mistress atop the Blood Wyrm, making his way to Dragonstone.[1]

Daemon Mysaria TRP Still

Daemon occupies Dragonstone.

For half a year, Daemon takes control of Dragonstone, with the City Watch as his personal army. It is also revealed that he has stolen a dragon egg from the Dragonpit, intending to place it in the cradle of the child he has with Mysaria. When Otto is dispatched by Viserys to confront him on Dragonstone, along with several Kingsguard and Otto's own guards, Daemon refuses to back down, insulting both Otto and Criston Cole, before drawing Dark Sister on the Hand when Otto indirectly threatens Mysaria, prompting both sides to draw their weapons. As tensions rise, Caraxes appears from behind to defend his master, forcing Otto to command his guards to sheathe their swords.[3]

Daemon is personally confronted by Rhaenyra, who has defied her father's orders to stay and ridden Syrax to Dragonstone. Knowing he is angry at being denied his place as Viserys' heir, she goads him into killing her in order to get what he desires. Unwilling to harm his niece, Daemon relinquishes the dragon egg to her and walks back to the castle with Mysaria and his men. Inside, she chastises Daemon for lying about their marriage and her supposed pregnancy, as well as relaying her fear that she will be punished for his actions since he is safe as the prince, but she is a common whore.[3]

Following Viserys's refusal to marry his daughter and his unwillingness to confront the threat of the Triarchy, Corlys Velaryon approaches Daemon and invites him to Driftmark. Corlys speaks of House Velaryon's ancient history and relations to Old Valyria like House Targaryen, as well as how they are both alike in the sense of them both being seen as lesser than their older brothers. Bored with his discussion about families, Daemon questions him for the true reason he is at Driftmark. The former Master of Ships talks about the looming threat of the Crabfeeder, how he has grown powerful thanks to aid from the Free Cities and how his House could be crippled when the shipping lanes of the Stepstones falls, speaking about Viserys's weakness.[3]

Daemon makes it clear that only he is allowed to speak freely about the king, and him alone. Corlys says that if he were to help him with this conflict, he could prove his worth in the eyes of those still seeing him as less than his brother. Hearing Corlys state that their worth is not given but made, Daemon agrees to aid his house with the Crabfeeder.[3]

The next three years come as a fruitless struggle for Daemon, Corlys, and their men, as the Crabfeeder, Craghas Drahar, and his Triarchy forces continue to hold the Stepstones in their control. Even Caraxes is not a weapon they could use to turn the conflict in their favor, as the numerous caves of the Stepstones allow Drahar and his men to avoid the dragonfire. News of their rising defeat spread far and wide, leading many to wonder if Viserys should send his own armies to win his brother's seemingly lost war.[16]

SOHN Vaemond, Daemon & Laenor

Daemon during the War for the Stepstones.

Even amongst their own forces, trust looms thin: Vaemond Velaryon, brother of Corlys, only sees Daemon as the reason to why they are losing and openly questions why they should serve him, just as the prince arrives at the war council. As Daemon stares quietly at his men, who all wonder who, for their newest plan, will offer themselves as bait at a strategic point on Bloodstone, a messenger from King's Landing appears. Daemon is handed a letter by the young man, and he reads its contents: Viserys plans to send 10 ships and 2,000 men in order to help win the war. He only sees this as his brother bailing him out of his own fight and furiously attacks the messenger with his helmet, needing to be restrained by Vaemond, Joffrey Lonmouth, and Corlys's son Laenor.[16]

Using a small rowboat, Daemon rows across from their position to Bloodstone, walks through the war-torn beach, fashions a crude white flag, and waves it in front of the caves. Drahar emerges from his cave and sees him; looking to the sky and seeing no dragon for an ambush, he sends his men out to investigate if they have truly surrendered. Daemon draws Dark Sister and offers it to them on one knee. One soldier takes up the sword and inspects it, only for Daemon to suddenly draw his dagger, cut down the man, and reclaim his weapon. He proceeds to kill all of the approaching soldiers and simultaneously dodges a volley of arrows from above, as he makes his way closer and closer to the edge of the caves, causing Drahar to send out more men.[16]

Though he gets close, Daemon is hit by three arrows and forced to halt his charge. Still not seeing a dragon above, Drahar orders the rest of his men to surround Daemon. Before he can be killed by the overwhelming number of soldiers, Laenor arrives and burns away the soldiers with his dragon Seasmoke, saving Daemon and further allowing the Velaryon forces to charge in and cut down the remaining soldiers. As Seasmoke blasts away the cliffside archers and the last of the Triarchy soldiers are locked in battle, Daemon spots Drahar fleeing into his cave and pursues him inside. Moments later, he emerges from the cave, holding the bisected corpse of the Crabfeeder.[16]

KOTNS Viserys and Daemon Still 3

Daemon is welcomed back to King's Landing.

After the war, Daemon flies back to King's Landing on Caraxes, inadvertently rocking a ship Rhaenyra is aboard, returning from Storm's End. Once he reaches the throne room, he haughtily makes his way to Viserys, holding Drahar's hammer and wearing a crown fashioned from bone and driftwood. He offers the hammer of his foe to be added to the Iron Throne. Viserys sees his crown and asks if he styles himself king as well, to which Daemon responds that he was named "King of the Narrow Sea" following their victory against the Triarchy. Nonetheless, he announces that there is only one true king: his brother. Daemon offers the crown on one knee; Viserys takes it and commands him to rise, before hugging his younger brother, welcoming him back.[4]

At a celebration in honor of his return, Daemon playfully argues with Viserys over who was the favorite of their mother, to which Viserys states it has always been Daemon for his rebellious attitude and skill as a warrior. Rhaenyra approaches them and congratulates her uncle on his victory, while Alicent asks if Daemon would like a tour to see new tapestries, causing Viserys and Daemon to laugh uproariously at the silly notion.[4]

At the end of the celebration, Daemon meets with Rhaenyra, who asks him the real reason he has returned. Daemon answers that he had returned for the comforts of home, though she remains unsure if he truly finds comfort in King's Landing. Their conversation's attention turns to Rhaenyra's growing ire at her father for trying to force her into marriage. In High Valyrian, they talk about marriage being nothing but a political arrangement, though Rhaenyra notes it is also a death sentence for women, revealing her worry that she will end up like her mother. Daemon states Aemma's death was simply a tragedy, and in a tragic world, Rhaenyra cannot allow fear to control her life.[4]

KOTNS Daemon and Rhaenyra Still 3

Daemon and Rhaenyra in the streets of King's Landing.

In the evening, he has an outfit and the plan of a secret passage in his niece's apartments deposited. She joins him dressed as a page and they walk around town. They attend a theatrical performance mocking the royal family during which he watches his niece's reaction. Daemon points out to her that the common people prefer her half-brother to her as heir because of his gender, and tells her that the people's opinion matters. Rhaenyra steals food from a merchant. Daemon follows her through the city and catches up with her, when Ser Harwin Strong intercepts the princess. He takes her to a brothel to show her the pleasures of the flesh. Tension builds between them and they end up kissing. Daemon begins to undress her and Rhaenyra urges him to go further, but Daemon grows increasingly reluctant and stops, abandoning his niece in the middle of the night.[4]

The next morning, Daemon is awakened by Mysaria, who offers him a drink to help with his green-sickness, which he refuses and rejects her protection. Mysaria informs him that she is no longer a prostitute. She tells him to pay for his room when he leaves and leaves him.[4]

KOTNS Daemon Still 3

Daemon is seized by the Kingsguard.

As Daemon stumbles through the gates of the Red Keep, Ser Harrold Westerling and two other knights of Viserys's Kingsguard intercept and drag a protesting Daemon to the throne room, leaving him on the floor. A furious Viserys enters and demands Daemon say if he defiled his daughter. When Daemon doesn't deny the accusation, a furious Viserys vents his anger against his younger brother, because Rhaenyra can no longer be his heiress if she is no longer "intact." Daemon asks Viserys to wed Rhaenyra to him, and reminds him that Viserys promised him everything he wanted after his return. Viserys retorts that he is already married. Daemon argues that he can do what their ancestor Aegon the Conqueror did and have two wives. Viserys flatly refuses, believing that his brother desires his throne. Viserys orders him to return to his legitimate wife in the Vale and never to appear before him again.[4]

WLTW Daemon and Rhea Still

Daemon confronts Rhea in the Vale.

Daemon, back at Runestone, surprises his wife hunting. She provokes him, and Daemon approaches her horse. Rhea, believing her husband means to kill her so he can marry Rhaenyra, tries to draw her bow, but her horse arches, causing her to fall and lie paralyzed on the ground. Daemon starts walking away. Rhea taunts him one last time, calling him a "craven." Daemon picks up a stone and walks towards her.[10]

WLTW Daemon and Rhaenyra Still

Daemon and Rhaenyra on the dance floor.

Uninvited, Daemon shows up at Rhaenyra's wedding and claims a seat at the royal table. Soon after, Gerold Royce confronts him and accuses him of Rhea's murder. Daemon warns him that he will have to prove his charges, and that he intends to go to the Vale to petition Lady Jeyne Arryn for his wife's inheritance of Runestone. He meets Laena Velaryon's gaze and joins her on the dance floor, where she flatters and entices him. Daemon heads off with his niece and tries to convince her not to marry Laenor, as he believes she would be bored senseless in her sham marriage, prompting Rhaenyra to challenge him to take her to Dragonstone and marry her. They are observed by a concerned Viserys from the high table, but before he can intervene, the ceremony is interrupted by Criston Cole's assault and murder of Laenor's lover, Joffrey Lonmouth. Daemon is not in attendance when Rhaenyra and Laenor get married in a grim ceremony hours after the incident.[10]

Ten years later, Daemon now lives in Pentos with his new family: his second wife Laena Velaryon and their two daughters Baela and Rhaena. Daemon and Laena demonstrate the power of their dragons, Caraxes and Vhagar, to a Pentoshi audience. In the evening, they dine with Reggio Haratis, the Prince of Pentos, who toasts Aegon the Conqueror and offers them permanent residence in Pentos and land in exchange for their support against the Triarchy. When Laena is about to refuse, Daemon grabs her hand and informs the prince that they will think about it.[11]

TPATQ Daemon and Laena Still

Daemon and Laena talk in Pentos.

After the meal, Daemon teaches Baela the High Valyrian language. Laena joins him and asks him if he intends to accept the proposal. The prince wants to accept as he is content with his life in Pentos, free from the ruthless politicking of the Seven Kingdoms. Laena replies that they are glorified guests; she refuses to be a pawn of a foreign prince and tells him of her wish to return to Driftmark to give birth, that their daughters receive the education they deserve with their family, and that she wishes to die as a dragonrider, instead of dying like a fat country lord.[11]

The next evening, Laena brings Daemon the news from King's Landing and tells him that Rhaenyra has given birth to a third son; Daemon is aware of the rumors surrounding the legitimacy of Rhaenyra's children. She tries to convince him again to return to Westeros, by pointing out that he does not go out in the city and is content to read books to the glory of his house, to Daemon's chagrin. Laena assures Daemon that she knows he has faced hardships throughout his life, and that she believes that she is not the woman he truly desired and he did not have the life he wanted, which he tries to wave aside. Laena tells him that she got used to this idea and that Daemon is better than the life he has in Pentos.[11]

TPATQ Baela Rhaena and Daemon Still

Daemon and his daughters grieve Laena.

A few days later, Laena goes into labor, but the surgeons are unable to get her baby out. A surgeon informs Daemon that he can not do anything except cut the infant from the womb. Daemon asks if the mother will survive, to which the surgeon replies "no." Daemon does not make a decision and realizes that his wife has disappeared. He follows her to the beach and sees her being immolated by Vhagar at her own command. The next day, he shows Laena's remains to their daughters from the ramparts.[11]

Following Laena's death, her body is brought back to Driftmark where her funeral takes place, with Daemon's family, Rhaenyra's family, and the royal court in attendance. Vaemond is in charge of the funeral speech, making pointed remarks about true Velaryon blood, and that it must not thin, causing Daemon to laugh incredulously at Vaemond's decision to attack Rhaenyra during the eulogy. During the gathering that follows, Daemon stays away from the others, but exchanges glances with Rhaenyra and Viserys. Viserys approaches him. Daemon sees the damage of the disease on his brother. Viserys offers him to return with him to King's Landing but Daemon declines, considering Pentos as his new home. Viserys insists but Daemon refuses, stating he needs nothing from Viserys, and leaves his brother and the courtyard. As he passes Otto Hightower, the Hand (sincerely or otherwise) offers Daemon his condolences over his wife's passing; Daemon, furiously assuming Otto is mocking him, hatefully calls his old rival a leech whose hunger for power will never be satiated and storms off.[8]

DM Daemon and Rhaenyra Still 2

Daemon and Rhaenyra on the beach.

After the funeral, Daemon takes a moonlit walk on the beach with Rhaenyra. Rhaenyra tells him about her situation with Laenor, which is spiraling out of control. Rhaenyra explains to him that they tried to conceive a child, but without joy or success. She confirms that Ser Harwin Strong is indeed the father of her three children. Rhaenyra confides that she trusted him and regrets letting him return to Harrenhal. Daemon expresses his belief that the Hightowers are responsible for the Strongs' deaths, but Rhaenyra does not agree. She blames Daemon for having abandoned her and that her life has become a "droll tragedy." Daemon retorts that he spared her because she was just a child. She questions him about his relationship with Laena. Daemon tells her they were "happy enough" and Rhaenyra offers her condolences, which Daemon rejects, as he is allowed to openly mourn his losses whereas Rhaenyra is not. Rhaenyra kisses him, telling him that she is no longer a child. The two go to take refuge in an abandoned wooden wreck on the beach and make love for the first time. Afterwards, they observe suspiciously as Aemond rides Vhagar, Laena's former mount, for the first time.[8]

Soon after, Daemon and Rhaenyra enter the Hall of Nine after a confrontation between Daemon's daughters, Rhaenyra's sons, and Aemond. They listen to the children. Alicent and Rhaenyra argue until Viserys asks for peace. When Alicent attempts to attack Luke and his mother protects him, Daemon stops Criston Cole who is heading towards the queen. After Alicent wounds Rhaenyra with the king's Valyrian steel dagger, Daemon closes in on Rhaenyra and faces Alicent.[8]

DM Daemon and Rhaenyra Still 3

Daemon and Rhaenyra get married on Dragonstone.

The day after, Daemon reunites with Rhaenyra. Rhaenyra proposes marriage to Daemon, in the tradition of Old Valyria, in order to consolidate her place as heir to the throne, which is under threat by the Greens, but Daemon states that they could not marry unless Laenor were dead. Daemon tells Rhaenyra that if she wishes to rule the Seven Kingdoms, she must inspire fear throughout the land, as well as cultivating love and respect, and that she must "set Laenor free" if she truly loves him. Daemon conspires with Ser Qarl Correy to remove Laenor from the equation, killing a servant at High Tide, while Qarl and Laenor pretend to duel in the Hall of Nine until a witness leaves them, and throw the deceased servant's body on the fire and escape. Daemon and Rhaenyra surmise that the plan is necessary, as the realm will fear what else they might be capable of. After the plot, Daemon and Rhaenyra marry at Dragonstone in front of their children and Maester Gerardys according to Targaryen customs.[8]

Six years later, Daemon retrieves three of Syrax's eggs from the Dragonmont, delivering them to the Dragonkeepers, who in turn deliver a message from his daughter, Baela, on behalf of Maester Gerardys. Baela informs her father that Corlys Velaryon has been wounded in battle, that Vaemond will question the legitimacy of Lucerys, and that she and Rhaenys are heading to King's Landing for the petitions for the succession of Driftmark. Daemon transmits these news to Rhaenyra, and argues that Rhaenys is not going to support Vaemond. Rhaenyra is not convinced due to the rumors surrounding her sons' legitimacy and Laenor's death, and worries about the power of the Hightowers ever since her father's health went into decline. They decide to go to King's Landing.[12]

At King's Landing, Daemon, Rhaenyra, and their children are frigidly welcomed. Daemon and Rhaenyra go to Viserys's bedchambers; they discover that the king's apartments are poorly maintained and that Viserys is bedridden and weak. Daemon tells his brother that Corlys has been injured in the Stepstones and that they are in King's Landing because of a meeting to appoint Driftmark's heir. Daemon confides in his brother that he must impose Lucerys as heir, but Viserys is too delirious and pained to understand. Rhaenyra introduces their sons, Aegon and Viserys. After succumbing to a sudden onset of pain, Viserys asks for his tea, which Daemon inspects suspiciously.[12]

TLOTT Rhaenyra and Daemon Still 2

Daemon and Rhaenyra speak with Alicent.

Later, Alicent confronts Daemon and Rhaenyra. Daemon is sarcastic over the absence of a welcome party and challenges the claim that Alicent and Otto are mere stewards of the king's will and wisdom, when Viserys's mind is clearly shot, and his will could scarcely be expressed in "blinks and wheezes." Daemon questions Alicent on her stupefying the king with milk of the poppy, the removal of Targaryen heraldry, and the installation of the iconography of the Faith of the Seven. Alicent justifies herself by claiming that they are there to remind the Red Keep of a higher authority, smugly informing them that she and her father will be the authority in judgement of Lucerys's claim on his inheritance of Driftmark.[12]

Daemon stands with his family during the petitions, with Rhaenyra championing Luke's claim. During Rhaenyra's petition, Viserys makes a surprise entrance, in support of Rhaenyra. When Viserys struggles to climb the steps of the Iron Throne, Daemon helps him to sit down on the throne and puts his crown back on his head. After Luke is confirmed as the heir to Driftmark, Vaemond gets angry at the king's judgment and furiously rants about him being the true heir to Driftmark. Vaemond stops himself before he goes too far, but Daemon coldly challenges him to continue. Vaemond smirks at Daemon, before screaming on the top of his lungs that Rhaenyra's children are bastards and calling her a whore. Viserys declares that he will have his tongue for that, but Daemon promptly beheads Vaemond, quipping that "he can keep his tongue." Otto shouts for the guards to disarm Daemon, but he wipes his sword and sheathes it rather than escalate the situation any further.[12]

TLOTT Rhaenyra and Daemon Still 1

Daemon during the supper.

In the evening, Daemon and Rhaenyra's family dines with Viserys and Alicent's family, celebrating the betrothals of Rhaenyra's sons Jace and Luke to Daemon's daughters Baela and Rhaena. Viserys uses this moment to make a despondent speech to his family about the fragmented state of House Targaryen that has worsened over the last 20 years, and calls for an end to the infighting, for him if not for the sake of the Crown. Daemon laughs at Helaena's toast to Baela and Rhaena, and her remark about Aegon being a drunk. During the supper, the Targaryen family finds itself in a state of happiness and serenity for the first time in twenty years. Daemon laughs with his wife and serves her, but worries about his brother's state of health. After the king leaves, a fight breaks out between his nephews and stepsons. Daemon steps in and eyes Aemond, forcing his nephew to grudgingly back down, before following his daughters and stepsons out of the room. He returns to Dragonstone with his family and Rhaenyra after this incident.[12]

The day after Daemon's family's departure from King's Landing, Viserys passes away, finally succumbing to his illnesses.[12] As a result, the Greens stage a coup in King's Landing, during which captains of the Gold Cloaks loyal to Daemon are replaced, and a plot to kill Daemon and Rhaenyra arises before it is thwarted by Alicent. At the end of the coup, Aegon II is crowned, usurping Rhaenyra.[17]

TBQ Daemon Rhaenyra and Rhaenys Still

Daemon and Rhaenyra receive Rhaenys at Dragonstone.

Rhaenys meets with Daemon and Rhaenyra after the coup, informing them of Viserys's passing and the Greens' usurpation of the Iron Throne. Daemon inquires how Viserys died, to which Rhaenys replies that she does not know. Daemon speculates that Viserys was murdered by Alicent and Otto. He furiously interrogates Rhaenys as to why she didn't take the chance to burn the Greens after Viserys's death; she says that the ensuing war is not hers to begin. Rhaenyra doubles over in pain, reaching beneath her dress. Her fingers come away bloody, and she realized that the shock of the news has sent her into a premature labor.[2]

Daemon convenes a war council, during which Rhaenyra painfully calls for Daemon's assistance. He is informed by Lord Bartimos Celtigar that Corlys's blood fever has broken, and that he has departed Evenfall, with his destination unclear. Daemon commands ravens be sent to rally their closest allies: Houses Celtigar, Massey, Darklyn, Staunton, and Bar Emmon, declaring his intention to fly to Riverrun to secure House Tully's allegiance and rally the riverlords. Jace enters and relays his mother's command that nothing is to be done without her leave. Daemon disregards Jace, commands Gerardys to send the ravens, and instructs Jace and the Kingsguard to follow him to the Dragonmont. On the slopes, Daemon questions Lorent Marbrand and Steffon Darklyn as to where their allegiances lie, compelling them to swear oaths of loyalty to Rhaenyra as queen and Jace as her heir, having Caraxes loom over the two knights to warn them of the price of treason. Rhaenyra gives birth to a deformed, stillborn daughter (that they planned to name Visenya), just before Daemon's arrival to her bedchambers. Daemon proceeds to the beaches of Dragonstone to grieve the loss of his daughter.[2]

TBQ Daemon and Rhaenyra Still 8

Daemon crowns Rhaenyra.

A funeral is held the next day for Visenya, with Daemon and Rhaenyra standing in front of the burning corpse. The funeral is interrupted by the arrival of Ser Erryk Cargyll who swears allegiance to Rhaenyra as his queen, and offers the crown of Jaehaerys and Viserys, stolen from the Red Keep during the confusion of the Green coup. Daemon places the crown on Rhaenyra's head, kneeling before her as his queen, and is joined by the congregation at the funeral (save Princess Rhaenys).[2]

The Black Council is convened for the first time after the coronation, and Daemon formally introduces Rhaenyra as "Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen, First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lady of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm." Daemon begins the proceedings by informing Rhaenyra of their standing: Dragonstone's garrison stands at 30 knights, 100 crossbowmen, and 300 men-at-arms; sufficient to defend the island, but not to conquer Westeros, and word has been sent to his loyalists within the City Watch, though Daemon admits he cannot be certain how many will answer. The loyalties of Houses Celtigar, Massey, Darklyn, Staunton, and Bar Emmon have been secured, with Rhaenyra adding that House Arryn will also declare loyalty due to their shared kinship through Rhaenyra's mother, Aemma Arryn. The loyalties of Houses Tully, Baratheon, and Stark are brought into question; whereas the Starks are staunchly loyal oathkeepers, Lord Borros Baratheon will need to be reminded of his late father's oath. Rhaenyra turns her attention to Rhaenys, and asks for news from Driftmark. Rhaenys says that Corlys sails for Dragonstone, though his loyalty to Rhaenyra and the Blacks is still in the air. Rhaenyra and Daemon surmise that House Lannister will not support them due to Ser Tyland Lannister's servitude to Otto, and that with the Westerlands will follow the Lannisters, so the Riverlands are essential to the Blacks' cause. Bartimos Celtigar interrupts, arguing that talk of men is irrelevant, when Rhaenyra's forces command dragons in numbers not wielded since the days of Old Valyria. Rhaenyra points out that the Greens also command dragons, but Daemon points out that they only have three adult dragons, compared to the Blacks' command of Syrax, Caraxes, Meleys, Vermax, Arrax, Tyraxes, and Moondancer. He also notes that there are several unclaimed dragons in need of riders, all of whom nest in regions that the Blacks control. Daemon proposes seizing Harrenhal as a base of operations in the Riverlands, before using their dragons to lay waste to King's Landing, but before further discussion can be had, Ser Erryk interrupts to inform them a galleon is approaching Dragonstone, flying the banner of a three-headed green dragon. Daemon grabs Dark Sister and orders the garrison to battle positions.[2]

TBQ Daemon Rhaenyra and Otto Still

Daemon confronts Otto.

Daemon confronts the negotiation party as it arrives on the bridge leading to Dragonstone headed by Ser Otto Hightower, with Otto stating that the terms will only be delivered to Rhaenyra. Otto greets Rhaenyra as "Princess," but Rhaenyra icily retorts that she is Queen Rhaenyra now, labeling Otto and his companions as traitors to the realm. Otto presents Aegon II's peace terms to Daemon and Rhaenyra in return for their allegiance and acknowledgement of Aegon being king: Rhaenyra will keep Dragonstone, and the castle will pass to Jace upon her death; Luke will be confirmed as the legitimate heir to Driftmark, and all the lands and holdings of House Velaryon; Rhaenyra and Daemon's sons will be given places of honor at court (Aegon the Younger as the king's squire and Viserys as his cupbearer); and Aegon II will pardon any knight or lord who conspired against his ascent to the Iron Throne. Daemon immediately rejects the offer, venomously calling Aegon II a "drunken, usurper cunt of a king." Otto states that Aegon's claim is far more legitimate than Rhaenyra's as he was crowned by a septon of the Faith before the masses of King's Landing, and carries Aegon the Conqueror's crown, sword, and name. Rhaenyra asserts that Houses Baratheon, Stark, and Tully all swore allegiance to her when Viserys I named her his heir, to which Otto smugly replies that stale oaths will not put Rhaenyra on the Iron Throne, and that the succession changed the day Aegon was born. Rhaenyra rips Otto's badge of office from his cloak, denouncing him as a "fucking traitor." Otto gives Rhaenyra a sheaf of parchment, which is revealed to be a page torn from Ten Thousand Ships, a book she and Alicent read when they were teenagers in the godswood twenty years ago, and beseeches Rhaenyra to accept the terms in recognition of her and Alicent's childhood friendship and the sake of peace in the realm. Daemon, enraged at Otto's attempts to manipulate his wife, calls to end this farce, stating Alicent can have Rhaenyra's response stuffed in Otto's mouth along with his "withered cock." He draws Dark Sister and orders Ser Erryk to seize Otto so he can personally execute the Hand, but he is stopped by Rhaenyra, who declares that King's Landing shall have her answer to their terms on the morrow, to Daemon's chagrin.[2]

Daemon rebukes Rhaenyra's desire not to go to war against the Greens, stating that the Greens have already declared war and raises his voice at Rhaenyra's inaction. Rhaenyra and Daemon talk privately, with Daemon insisting that she cannot submit to the Hightowers, who have stolen her birthright, and that it is her duty as queen to crush rebellion. Rhaenyra protests that they are bound by more than personal ambition, reminding Daemon of what Viserys told them about the "Song of Ice and Fire," and Aegon the Conqueror's goal to keep the realm united against the coming great evil in the north, only for Daemon to seize her by the throat. Daemon angrily hisses that Viserys was obsessed with omens and prophecies to give meaning to his feckless reign and that dragons, not dreams, made the Targaryens kings. Daemon releases Rhaenyra, who is taken aback by his violence against her, but quickly comes to the realization that Viserys never told Daemon about Aegon's dream, indicating Viserys never once truly viewed Daemon as his heir. Shaken at raising a hand to his wife and the realization that Viserys never truly trusted him, Daemon withdraws.[2]

TBQ Daemon & Vermithor

Daemon faces Vermithor.

While Corlys joins the Black Council, and plans are made to secure the allegiances of Houses Arryn, Stark, and Baratheon, Daemon heads into the caverns beneath the Dragonmont, singing the High Valyrian song "Hāros Bartossi." He enters the pitch darkness of a large cavern, from which a dragon growls, before with a gout of fire, the beast reveals itself: Vermithor, the dragon once ridden by King Jaehaerys I, unclaimed since the old King's death. Angered by the intruder in his lair, Vermithor snarls and advances on Daemon, but as the latter locks eyes with Vermithor and stands his ground, Vermithor becomes more subdued.[2]

Daemon is informed of Lucerys's death at the hands of Aemond, and whispers the news to Rhaenyra.[2]

House of the Dragon: Season 2[]

Daemon intercepts Rhaenys Targaryen as she and Meleys return to Dragonstone from a patrol of Blackwater Bay in support of her husband's fleet's blockade of the Gullet, demanding Rhaenys mount up again. Rhaenys protests both she and Meleys need food and rest, but Daemon states he intends to go to King's Landing to kill both Aemond and Vhagar, and needs the pair of them alongside himself and Caraxes to have a chance at killing "that hoary old bitch." Rhaenys asks if Rhaenyra commanded him to do so, to which Daemon replies Rhaenyra is still absent, searching Shipbreaker Bay for proof of Lucerys's death, complaining that he's forced to remain at Dragonstone fighting Rhaenyra's war for her when he should be at Harrenhal, forcing the lords of the Riverlands to bend the knee. Rhaenys reminds him Rhaenyra is grieving for her son, to which Daemon replies that she is prioritizing her grief as a mother over her duties as Queen, though he is given pause when Rhaenys tells him how she couldn't truly grieve for her daughter, his late second wife Laena, until she saw Laena's mortal remains, and insists Rhaenyra needs the same closure.[18]

More sombre now, Daemon expresses his fear for Rhaenyra's safety were she to encounter Aemond alone, to which Rhaenys replies she would pity Aemond facing a grief-stricken, vengeful Rhaenyra, and asserts Rhaenyra was wise to recuse herself from the Black Council, rather than let her grief push her towards more vengeful impulses. Displeased, Daemon spitefully insinuates that Lucerys's death is Rhaenys's fault, noting his stepson would still be alive if Rhaenys had killed King Aegon II Targaryen and his inner circle when she had the chance. Refusing to be baited, Rhaenys brushes past him, and when Daemon reiterates his insistence Rhaenys accompany him as a command, Rhaenys retorts he's not the King and leaves.[18]

Daemon's former lover, Mysaria, is captured when the ship carrying her out of King's Landing is intercepted by ships of the Velaryon blockade. Ser Erryk Cargyll of Rhaenyra's Queensguard brings Mysaria back to Dragonstone as a prisoner, where Daemon personally interrogates her. He accuses her of supporting traitors, demanding to know how long she has been selling secrets to Otto Hightower. Mysaria blandly replies she served Otto as long as he had the coin to pay for her information, prompting a furious Daemon to strike the table, storm to his feet and accuse Mysaria of helping put Aegon on the Iron Throne by returning him to his kin. Mysaria defends herself by saying that either the Hightowers would have found him or Aegon would have returned to the Red Keep for gold and respite sooner or later; she merely profited from expediting the matter. Daemon furiously shouts that in doing so, Mysaria contributed to Rhaenyra's throne being usurped and her son being murdered. Unfazed by Daemon's anger, Mysaria retorts he is only lashing out at her because those he wants to hurt are beyond his reach. Daemon demands to know what else she knows of Otto's plans; when Mysaria insists she knows nothing, as her arrangement with Otto was strictly business, Daemon storms out, commanding that she be put in a prison cell and treated as a traitor.[18]

Erryk tries to speak up in Mysaria's defense, but an unappeased Daemon rounds on him, accusing Erryk of being as treacherous as Mysaria and his twin brother. When Erryk protests he abandoned the Greens and his brother out of loyalty to Rhaenyra, Daemon angrily reminds him that he had Aegon in his grasp multiple times (both as the prince's sworn shield, and when he and Arryk found Aegon hiding in the Grand Sept) and demands to know why Erryk didn't kill Aegon when he had the chance. Erryk defends himself by noting that the vows of the Kingsguard didn't specify what to do when the royal family turned on itself. Before Daemon can reply, a roar from Syrax outside alerts them to Rhaenyra's return.[18]

Daemon is present at the following meeting of the Black Council, where he requests Rhaenyra's leave to depart for Harrenhal to secure it for their forces in the Riverlands, and bears witness to his wife's command Aemond Targaryen die in retaliation for his murder of her son. To facilitate Rhaenyra's wishes, Daemon goes to Mysaria's cell, demanding she give him the name of any of her spies still in King's Landing who know both a way into the Red Keep and the comings and goings of its inhabitants. Mysaria is reluctant to co-operate, so Daemon offers her freedom in exchange for the information. Once he has the name, Daemon heads to King's Landing, aided by one of his loyal gold cloaks, Blood, who shares his former commander's hatred of the Hightowers, in sneaking into the city. The pair meet up with Mysaria's agent, a ratcatcher in the Red Keep, known as Cheese, who Daemon hires to sneak Blood into the castle to assassinate Aemond, giving them half their payment upfront and promising the remainder in exchange for Aemond's head. When Cheese asks what they're to do if they can't find Aemond, Daemon gives a malevolent smirk, and indicates he'll settle for them killing another prince of Aegon's blood if Aemond is out of reach.[18]

Later that night, Blood and Cheese, unable to find Aemond, murder his nephew, King Aegon II's heir, Prince Jaehaerys, in front of his mother and sister, rather than return to Daemon empty handed.[18]

When word of Prince Jaehaerys's murder, along with the Greens blaming Rhaenyra for it, reaches Dragonstone, the Black Council quickly realize from Daemon's satisifed mood that he ordered it. Rhaenyra confronts him in private, demanding to know what he ordered. Daemon is unrepentant, insisting he was trying to fulfil Rhaenyra's wish for vengeance following Lucerys's murder. He notes that Mysaria gave him the names of two of her agents in King's Landing and he specified Aemond be killed, remarking it's not his fault if his assassins deviated from their instructions. Unappeased, Rhaenyra demands to know what he commanded if Aemond couldn't be found; Daemon insists he didn't specify targeting children, but Rhaenyra accuses him of giving Blood and Cheese leeway to kill any other victim for the sake of hurting the Hightowers. Daemon protests otherwise, but Rhaenyra doesn't believe him, raging that his actions have weakened the standing of her cause and caused her to be vilified as a murderess across Westeros, and makes it clear she cannot trust him.[5]

Angered, Daemon protests his loyalty, citing that he crowned her himself and is about to head to Harrenhal to raise an army in her name. Rhaenyra counters that he ignored her when she was struggling in labor with their daughter to hold a council of war, undermined her when she met with Otto to at least consider peace terms, to which Daemon yells back she was foolish to even hear Otto's lies out, accusing him of both using her wish to avenge Luke to indulge his own cruelty and of wedding her solely to get back the inheritance as heir to the throne he squandered by mocking her late brother and offending her father. Furious, Daemon shouts back that Viserys was a coward who couldn't stand the idea of being overshadowed by his younger brother, and who only named Rhaenyra as his heir because he knew she, unlike Daemon, would never eclipse her father's legacy on the Iron Throne. Offended by the insults to herself and her father, Rhaenyra screams that Viserys didn't fear Daemon, he didn't trust him, and neither does she. Daemon spits that Viserys was a fool who sought greatness but refused to spill blood to achieve it, and Rhaenyra will share the same fate. Rhaenyra again admonishes him for murdering a child, calling him pathetic. Rather than say more, Daemon storms out.[5]

Later that evening, Daemon departs Dragonstone with Caraxes for Harrenhal.[5] He arrives at Harrenhal during a terrible storm, landing Caraxes atop one of the castle's towers and descends with Dark Sister in hand. Aside from crossing paths with a guard he easily overpowers, Daemon encounters no other resistance as he reaches the great hall. Bursting in, he announces he is claiming the castle for the Blacks. Ser Simon Strong, Harrenhal's castellan, submits to Daemon, declares his allegiance to Rhaenyra and invites Daemon to join him for supper, apologizing for the poor fare on offer. Daemon initially refuses to touch the food on offer, but Simon assures Daemon he has no intention of poisoning him, reiterating Daemon is a welcome guest at Harrenhal. Daemon questions Simon's willingness to pledge allegiance to Rhaenyra, given his house's lord, Larys Strong, supports Aegon; Simon replies he believes Larys is a kinslayer who engineered the fire that claimed the lives of Lyonel and Harwin Strong to claim lordship of Harrenhal and House Strong, and insists he owes Larys no loyalty. Daemon is briefly angered when Simon refers to him as Prince, insisting he be referred to as "Your Grace," given his status as Rhaenyra's king consort.[13]

When pressed about the reasons for his presence, Daemon makes clear he intends to use Harrenhal as a place where the Riverlords can muster their troops in support of Rhaenyra, and commands Simon summon Lord Grover Tully, Lord Paramount of the Trident, so Daemon can negotiate with him. Simon warns Daemon Grover is a fading old man whose control over his bannermen is limited, but Daemon is adamant, concluding that once he has rallied the Riverlands to his banner, his intention is to march on King's Landing.[13]

That night, Daemon is disturbed by something pounding on the doors of his quarters in Harrenhal. He draws Dark Sister and opens his doors to find no one outside. Rattled, he begins to prowl Harrenhal's corridors, drawn by the sound of a woman humming to herself. Following the sound to its source in a nearby room, Daemon is shocked to find inside a vision of Rhaenyra as the girl she was, stitching her nephew Jaehaerys's head back onto his shoulders. As Daemon looks on, tears in his eyes, his niece's younger self upbraids him for always creating messes that she must clean up after him. Daemon then abruptly wakes to find himself standing before the weirwood heart tree in Harrenhal's godswood. As he tries to understand how he got there and what he just saw, a mysterious, dark-haired woman he previously noticed in the hall when Ser Simon knelt to him ominously tells Daemon he will die at Harrenhal, rattling him further.[13]

Daemon is awoken from another nightmare, in which he beheads a younger Rhaenyra with Dark Sister before the Iron Throne after she accuses him, speaking in High Valyrian, of wanting to destroy her out of jealousy Viserys loved her more than him, by Ser Simon, who informs him a raven has arrived, warning that Criston Cole's army has departed King's Landing and that Houses Rosby and Stokeworth have recanted their fealty to Rhaenyra and added their levies to Cole's host. Simon fears Harrenhal is their target, warning even if Daemon raises an army from the Riverlands, it may not be ready in time to face Cole. Simon also introduces Daemon to Ser Oscar Tully, Lord Grover's grandson and heir to Riverrun. Daemon is displeased to know Grover is incapacitated, and suggests Oscar might smother his grandfather with a pillow to expedite matters, horrifying Oscar at the suggestion. When Oscar admits he doesn't have the authority to speak in his grandfather's stead, Daemon scoffs to Simon he understands why House Tully's bannermen have no qualms starting a war under their liege lord's nose, and after confirming House Blackwood are Black, instructs Simon to summon the Blackwoods to Harrenhal, insisting he needs men of action.[19]

Woken from his sleep by a heavy storm, Daemon prowls Harrenhal's corridors, Dark Sister in hand, as he follows a figure that appears to be his nephew Aemond, only for the figure to look at him with his own face. His wandering brings him to the maester's chambers, inhabited by the mysterious woman he previously encountered, who introduces herself as Alys Rivers, prompting Daemon to scoff at her bastardy. Alys observes on Daemon's troubled sleep, explaining it is due to the felling and use of weirwood trees in Harrenhal's construction by Harren the Black, though Daemon dismisses it as an old wives' tale. Alys questions Daemon's purpose in lingering at Harrenhal, insinuating he resents the idea of owing fealty to a woman that he doted on as a child, prompting Daemon to angrily rebuke her for her insolence and insult Alys as a witch. Alys offers him a potion of her own concoction, insisting he will need his sleep.[19]

The next day, Ser Willem Blackwood, acting as regent to his young nephew, Lord Benjicot Blackwood, arrives at Harrenhal, agreeing to provide soldiers to Daemon's army in return for Daemon's help punishing House Bracken for both their allegiance to Aegon and their recent attack on Blackwood lands. Despite being distracted and out of sorts, hallucinating that Ser Simon's cupbearer is his late wife Laena, and scoffing that House Blackwood's proposal is more about indulging their ancient feud with the Brackens, Daemon agrees.[19]


In many aspects, Daemon is the opposite of his kind and peaceful brother: he is fierce, unpredictable, and brave.[15] He is rash, arrogant, aggressive, and quarrelsome, wouldn't miss a chance for war,[3] and is not above committing a cold-blooded murder[10] if it suits his interests. He prefers to resolve conflicts by force rather than diplomacy.[2] However, Daemon is very loyal to his family as he loves his brother, Rhaenyra, and his children.[12]


Spoken by Daemon[]

Daemon: "I heard your father was hosting a tournament in my honor."
Rhaenyra: "The tournament is for his heir."
Daemon: "Just as I said."
— Daemon and Rhaenyra[src]
"When I took command of the Watch, you were stray mongrels, starving and undisciplined. Now, you're a pack of hounds. You're sated and honed for the hunt. My brother's city has fallen into squalor. Crime of every breed has been allowed to thrive. No longer. Beginning tonight, King's Landing will learn to fear the color gold."
―Daemon to the City Watch[src]
Otto: "If only the prince would show the same devotion to his lady wife as he does his work, Your Grace. You've not been seen in the Vale or at Runestone for quite some time."
Daemon: "I think my bronze bitch is happier for my absence."
Otto: "Lady Rhea is your wife, a good and honorable lady of the Vale."
Daemon: "In the Vale, men are said to fuck sheep instead of women. I can assure you, the sheep are prettier."
— Daemon and Otto Hightower[src]
"King and council have long rued my position as next in line for the throne. But dream and pray as they all might, it seems I'm not so easily replaced ... the gods give just as the gods take away. To the king's son: the Heir for a Day."
―Daemon toasts Prince Baelon[src]
Viserys: "My family has just been destroyed. But instead of being by my side, or Rhaenyra's, you chose to celebrate your own rise! Laughing with your whores and your lickspittles! You have no allies at court but me! I have only ever defended you! Yet everything I've given you, you've thrown back in my face."
Daemon: "You've only ever tried to send me away. To the Vale, to the City Watch, anywhere but by your side. Ten years you've been king, and yet not once have you asked me to be your Hand!"
Viserys: "Why would I do that?"
Daemon: "Because I'm your brother. And the blood of the dragon runs thick."
— Daemon and Viserys[src]
"It is the pleasure of Daemon Targaryen, the Prince of Dragonstone and rightful heir to the Iron Throne, to announce that he is to take a second wife in the tradition of Old Valyria. She is to assume the title Lady Mysaria of Dragonstone. Her Grace is with child and is to have a dragon's egg placed in the babe's cradle in the custom of House Targaryen."
―Daemon in a letter to the Small Council[src]
Daemon: "Ser Crispin, wasn't it?"
Criston: "Ser Criston Cole, my prince."
Daemon: "Ah, yes, apologies. I couldn't recall."
Criston: "Perhaps my prince recalls when I knocked him off his horse."
— Daemon and Criston Cole[src]
Otto: "Are you mad? You'd never survive this."
Daemon: "Well, happily, neither would you."
Otto: "To choose violence, here, is to declare war against your king."
Daemon: "Wonderful."
— Daemon and Otto Hightower[src]
Daemon: "Marriage is only a political arrangement. Once you are wed, you can do as you like."
Rhaenyra: "For men marriage might be a political arrangement. For women it is like to be a death sentence."
Daemon: "Would that it were. I would have been rid of my bronze bitch ages ago."
Rhaenyra: "Your wife has been fortunate. You haven't put a child in her."
Daemon: "I doubt a child could grow in such hostile environs."
— Daemon and Rhaenyra[src]
"You cannot live your life in fear, or you will forsake the best parts of it."
―Daemon Targaryen[src]
"Each of us is capable of depravity. And more than you would believe."
―Daemon Targaryen[src]
"He can keep his tongue."
―Daemon right after decapitating Vaemond Velaryon[src]
"If you'd have acted when you had the chance, Aegon's line would be extinguished, and Luke would be alive."
―Daemon blaming Lucerys's death on Rhaenys's refusal to kill the Greens[src]

Spoken about Daemon[]

"You are Daemon Targaryen. Rider of Caraxes. Wielder of Dark Sister. The king cannot replace you."
"If Daemon were to remain the uncontested heir, it could destabilize the realm."
Otto: "No one here can know what Daemon would do were he king, but no one can doubt his ambition. Look at what he did with the 'gold cloaks.' The City Watch is fiercely loyal to him. An army two thousand strong."
Viserys: "An army you gave him, Otto. I named Daemon Master of Laws, but you said he was a tyrant. As Master of Coin, you said he was a spendthrift that would beggar the realm. Putting Daemon in command of the City Watch was your solution!"
Otto: "A half-measure, Your Grace. The truth is, Daemon should be far away from this court."
Viserys: "Daemon is my brother. My blood. And he will have his place at my court."
— Otto Hightower and Viserys I Targaryen[src]
"Daemon has ambition, yes, but not for the throne. He lacks the patience for it."
―Viserys I Targaryen[src]
"Daemon would be a second Maegor, or worse. He is impulsive and violent. It is the duty of this council to protect the king and the realm from him."
―Otto Hightower[src]
Vaemond: "Who? Which man here will happily go to his death? Show me the knight who will march into that hell pit, nephew, and I will show you a madman."
Laenor: "Daemon."
Vaemond: "Daemon is why we are losing!"
Laenor: "He at least is fighting this war. What role have you played in this council, uncle, other than Master of Complaints?"
— Vaemond and Laenor Velaryon[src]
"If King's Landing will not support Daemon, why should any of us?"
―Vaemond Velaryon[src]
"Daemon only ever does what is best for Daemon."
―Rhaenys Targaryen[src]
"I cannot trust you, Daemon. I've never trusted you wholly, much though I wished to, willed myself to. But now I have seen that your heart only belongs to you."
―Rhaenyra Targaryen[src]
"I think you used my words as an excuse to take your own revenge, to indulge the darkness you keep sheathed within you like a blade."
―Rhaenyra castigates Daemon for his involvement in the murder of Prince Jaehaerys[src]
"You will die in this place."
―Alys Rivers predicting Daemon's fate at Harrenhal.[src]
"It has been said that Rhaenyra's greatest weapon was not her dragons, but her husband, Daemon. An expert on the battlefield, as well as an accomplished strategist. 'The Rogue Prince' as he had been called, was one of the most feared men of his day."





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1 Jaehaerys had thirteen children in all. For simplicity, only the direct ancestors of future generations are on this family tree and they are not in the exact order of birth. The thirteen children in correct order are: Aegon, Daenerys, Aemon, Baelon, Alyssa, Maegelle, Vaegon, Daella, Saera, Viserra, Gaemon, Valerion, and Gael.

2 Due to the nature of their respective births and deaths, Baelon Targaryen, son of Viserys and Aemma, and Visenya Targaryen, daughter of Rhaenyra and Daemon, are not included on this family tree.

3 While Jacaerys, Lucerys, and Joffrey are officially Laenor's, he and Rhaenyra never had any biological issue. Their three sons were in fact fathered by Harwin Strong.

Behind the scenes[]

Daemon Targaryen was revealed to be a lead character in House of the Dragon on August 17, 2020. On December 11, 2020, HBO announced that Matt Smith had been cast in the role for the series. His character description for Season 1 reads as follows:

"Younger brother to King Viserys and heir to the throne. A peerless warrior and a dragonrider, Daemon possesses the true blood of the dragon. But it is said that whenever a Targaryen is born, the gods toss a coin in the air…"[20]

His character description for Season 2 reads as follows:

"Uncle and husband to Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen and brother to the late King Viserys I. A peerless yet erratic warrior and a dragonrider, Daemon possesses the true blood of the dragon."[21]

In the books[]

Daemon was a controversial man in his lifetime, an audacious rogue prince and adventurer who seemed composed of good and evil in equal measure. There was never a man simultaneously so loved and so reviled as he was. To some he was a hero, to others the blackest of villains.

Younger son of Baelon Targaryen, Daemon became one of the most experienced warriors of his generation with his constant fighting and was knighted at the age of sixteen. His grandfather King Jaehaerys I Targaryen gave him the Valyrian steel sword Dark Sister. Daemon rode the dragon Caraxes, a powerful beast who he flew in his constant campaigns in the Stepstones, soon becoming the most battle-hardened of the Targaryen dragons. Caraxes's might in battle was enough to match even the mighty Vhagar, the largest of the dragons and the last of the three that had been brought to Westeros by Aegon the Conqueror and his sisters.

Daemon served on his brother Viserys I's Small Council for a time, as Master of Coin and Master of Laws, but grew bored of such administrative work, and became the new Lord Commander of the City Watch. He reorganized the Watch from a loosely assembled and poorly equipped group of street toughs into the formal institution they were known as ever since, giving them their trademark gold cloaks. Daemon vigorously enforced order in the alleys of the city, but was also a well-known rabble-rouser, socializing with the city's dregs as long as they played by his rules. His face became known to every cut-purse, whore, and gambler in Flea Bottom.

On several major occasions Daemon clashed with his brother over the matter of succession, only to reconcile with him later. At the beginning of Viserys I's reign, Daemon wanted to be named as heir ahead of his brother's only child, his daughter Rhaenyra. The Great Council of 101 AC that had put Viserys on the throne ahead of his cousin Rhaenys favored male proximity over primogeniture, so Daemon assumed he would be named heir ahead of his niece Rhaenyra, much as his father Baelon had been named heir ahead of his niece Rhaenys. Daemon's behavior was so wild and unpredictable, however, that while Viserys still loved his brother, he hesitated to formally name him as the official heir to the throne.




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