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"You ever get lonely, I am partial to older gentlemen."
―Craya to Qyburn[src]

Craya is a prostitute in King's Landing.


Season 8

Along with Marei and Dirah, Craya is hired by Bronn. They lament that some of their favorite boys were killed by Drogon in the Battle of the Goldroad, with Craya mourning Archie and William in particular. As Marei mounts Bronn, Craya tells Dirah that a soldier named Eddie survived the battle but returned to King's Landing with his face burned off, leaving him without eyelids, to which Dirah asks how he sleeps without eyelids.

The encounter comes to an early end when Qyburn enters the room and informs Bronn that he has an urgent request from Cersei. As she leaves, Craya tells Qyburn to visit her if he gets lonely, as she is partial to older gentlemen. Once she has left, Qyburn comments that a pox will kill her within the year. Hearing that, Bronn nearly chokes on his wine.[1]


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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, there is no character with this name.