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"The Crag will have a Maester, and he will have what I need."
Talisa Maegyr[src]

Map showing the location of the Crag on the continent of Westeros.

The Crag is the stronghold ruled by House Westerling, a vassal of the Lannisters. The castle is run-down and partially ruined, as the Westerlings, though an ancient House with blood of the First Men, have fallen on hard times and can no longer maintain it. The castle is located north-east of Casterly Rock, overlooking the Sunset Sea on the west coast of Westeros.[1]


Season 2

Robb is heading to the Crag to settle its surrender.[2]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Crag is described as being in a state of extreme disrepair, with its defenses compromised by the family's inability to pay for repairs. The Crag is described as lonely, but also has a somewhat romantic quality to it.

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