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"Qoy Qoyi.
(Blood of my blood.)
―Cohollo to Drogo[src]

Cohollo was a bloodrider to Khal Drogo.



Cohollo is a Dothraki bloodrider in the service of Khal Drogo. He is one of Drogo's closest allies and a stalwart warrior who favors the Arakh.

Season 1

Cohollo, alongside Qotho and Haggo, accompanies Khal Drogo to view his bride, Daenerys Targaryen.[1]

When a drunken Viserys threatens Daenerys and her unborn child, Qotho and Cohollo restrain him while Drogo pours molten gold over his head, killing him.[2]

Following the raid of a Lhazareen village in Lhazar, Mago defies Drogo. Cohollo, along with his fellow bloodriders, steps forward to defend Drogo's honor, only for the Khal to take matters in his own hands.[3]

Drogo's wound festers and he becomes seriously ill. He falls from his horse in front of the khalasar, a sign of great weakness. Daenerys and then Cohollo kneel to the sides of the khal to check on him, while Qotho and Haggo remain mounted. Later, when Qotho takes Mirri Maz Duur to Drogo and Daenerys's tent, Cohollo accompanies him.[4]


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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Cohollo is the eldest of Drogo's three bloodriders and the most kind to Daenerys. He had saved Drogo from sellswords when he was very young. He's described as a squat bald man with a crooked nose and a mouth full of broken teeth.

During the wedding of Daenerys and Drogo, Cohollo gives them a arakh chased in gold. When the three bloodriders attempt to stop the Mirri Maz Duur's blood magic ritual to heal Drogo, Cohollo is killed by Aggo.

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