"No women or children!"
―The maester to Gilly[src]
A Citadel maester serves at the Citadel itself, working in a reception area.



He is a maester serving at the Citadel itself, working in a reception area.

Season 6

After arriving in Oldtown, Samwell Tarly and Gilly arrive at the Citadel and meet the maester. Sam gives him a letter from Lord Commander Snow detailing the Night's Watch's need for a new maester. The maester is skeptical about Jon Snow's status, however, declaring that no word was given about Lord Commander Mormont's death from Maester Aemon. The maester states that Sam's situation is "irregular" to which Sam responds, "Life is irregular." The maester says that Sam must speak to the Archmaester in order to discuss these issues, but allows him to use the library while he waits. He blocks Gilly and baby Sam from entering, however, declaring that there are "no women or children" allowed.[1]

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Season Six appearances
The Red Woman Home Oathbreaker Book of the Stranger The Door
Blood of My Blood The Broken Man No One Battle of the Bastards The Winds of Winter

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Sam is approached by a novice (not a maester) who introduces himself as Alleras.[2]

Alleras asks Sam what brings him to the Citadel. Sam tells about Maester Aemon and why he thought that Daenerys was "the prince that was promised", then everything that happened since the ranging force left Castle Black (the only things he leaves out are the secrets that he was sworn to keep - about Bran and the babes Jon had swapped). He concludes "Daenerys is the only hope. Aemon said the Citadel must send her a maester at once, to bring her home to Westeros before it is too late". Alleras listens intently, then takes Sam to see Archmaester Marwyn.

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  2. There is a fan theory that Alleras, based on what he tells Sam about himself and the spelling of his name backwards, is actually Sarella Sand.
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