Chroyane, also called The Sorrows, is a ruined city located at the confluence of the Lhorulu and the Rhoyne on the continent of Essos, at the far southern tip of the Golden Fields. It is south of Dagger Lake.


A map showing the location of Chroyane on the continent of Essos.

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Chroyane used to be the summer palace of the Rhoynar kingdom. Like most of the surrounding nation, it was destroyed by dragons unleashed by the Freehold of Valyria in its conquest of the area.

Chroyane today is a dreary ruin, frequently cloaked in mists. People infected with greyscale in nearby cities and towns and gather here, instead of Valyria, as in the show. These people, known as "Stone Men", are highly contagious and tend to roam in an area known as Bridge of Dream, which is a crossing of the Rhoyne River near the southern tip of the Sorrows, and attack travelers that sail through the river. The area known as "the Sorrows" actually extends beyond the ruins of Chroyane, extending north along the river to the southern shores of Dagger Lake. Most of the Stone men, however, tend to take shelter in the ruins of Chroyane.

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