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Robert Bryan Cogman (born 25 July 1979) is an American Emmy winning scriptwriter, and staff writer for Game of Thrones.


Cogman graduated from Juilliard.[1]

Cogman previously worked on the short-lived series My Own Worst Enemy as a writer's assistant.

Game of Thrones[]

Cogman worked on the unscreened pilot as a writing assistant to David Benioff and D.B. Weiss: he wrote the series bible outlining character and background information for the rest of the cast & crew to consult, and was known as the unofficial "keeper of the mythos" for the show. He also wrote the script for the fourth episode of Season 1.

Originally, Cogman didn't expect to be credited as a writer in Season 1, but then Benioff and Weiss asked him to take a crack at the fourth episode. When they received his draft, they decided to give him full writing credit for the episode - which became "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things". As Cogman said:

"I didn't know I was writing an official GoT script when I penned my S1 ep..I thought it was just an exercise D&D [Dave and Dan] assigned me. Had no hope in my wildest imagination that I'd write for S1 or S2, for that matter. So I wrote 'Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things' blissfully unaware of the high stakes."[2]

Therefore Cogman considered the episode he wrote in Season 2, "What Is Dead May Never Die", to be the first "true" script he wrote for the TV series, knowing from the beginning that he was the primary writer on it.

After Season 1 Cogman was promoted to story editor and staff writer, and wrote at least one script every year through Season 5. He was promoted to Co-Producer in Season 4, and a full Producer credit in Season 5.

Cogman also wrote the hour-long series of animated featurettes included in the TV season Blu ray set for Season 1 (narrated by the TV series's starring cast, in-character), known as Histories & Lore. Although Dave Hill took over the writing responsibilities from Season 2 onwards, Cogman still oversaw it.[3]

In June 2014 it was announced that Cogman will also be the scriptwriter for a movie adaptation of the Magic: The Gathering fantasy card-game series.[4]

The Dance of the Dragons[]

Cogman replaced Carly Wray as the attached showrunner for The Dance of the Dragons after Wray left due to creative differences. However, he left HBO in October 2018 to sign an exclusive five-year deal with Amazon, explaining in May next year that he had to divide so much of his attention between Dance and the eighth season of Game of Thrones that he felt his take on the successor show wasn't as strong as it could have been.[5] The project was later picked up by Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik and greenlit in October 2019 shortly after the rejection of Bloodmoon.[6]


Story editor[]

Executive story editor[]



Co-executive producer[]


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  • Cogman was in charge of writing HBO's Making Game of Thrones blog for Season 1. In Season 2 responsibility for it was handed over to Benioff and Weiss's assistant Cat Taylor.
  • Cogman wrote the official guidebook for Seasons 1 and 2, Inside HBO's Game of Thrones (2012).
  • The sigil next to Cogman's name in the opening credits is actually a vomiting maester - a joke by Benioff and Weiss, referencing how at the Season 1 wrap party, Cogman had too much to drink and had to throw up.[7]
  • Cogman made a cameo appearance in the Season 4 episode "The Lion and the Rose" as a Bald Dragonstone servant.

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