"I had a man once, a good man. Bruni his name was. I was his and he was mine."

Bruni was a wildling who was involved with Osha.


Bruni was a wildling who was involved with Osha.

Season 3

Osha tells the story of Bruni to Bran Stark and the Reed siblings after they consider going beyond the Wall to prepare for the Great War. He was a good man who loved her. One day he disappeared, and everyone said he'd simply left her, but she knew him better than that. One night he did return to their hut - as an undead wight, with skin pale as a dead man's and his eyes bluer than clear sky. Bruni began to strangle her to death. Somehow she managed to get hold of a knife, and rammed it deep into his heart, but he didn't even seem to notice. Osha ultimately managed to get away by burning down their hut with Bruni inside it.[1]


"None of you know. None of you been up there. I had a man once, a good man. Bruni his name was. I was his and he was mine. But one night Bruni disappears. People said he left me. But I knew him. He’d never leave me. Not for long. I knew he'd come back. And he did. He came in through the back of the hut. Only it wasn’t Bruni, not really. His skin was pale, like a dead man’s. His eyes bluer than clear sky. He came at me, grabbed me by the neck and squeezed so hard I could feel the life slipping out of me. I don’t know how I got the knife. But when I did I stuck it deep into his heart. And he hardly seemed to notice. I had to burn our hut down with him inside. I didn’t ask the Gods what it meant. I didn’t need to. I already knew. It meant the North was no place for men to be. Not anymore. I promised your maester I’d get you to Castle Black, and no further."

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, there is no character named Bruni. On one occasion, Osha mentions that she has a brother, but does not mention any spouse/lover.


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