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"Pig farmer... a 300-mile wall and you're still in my way."
―Britt to Gared Tuttle[src]

Britt Warrick was a man-at-arms sworn to House Whitehill and later a ranger at the Wall.


"Iron From Ice"

Following the fall of House Stark at the Red Wedding, Britt, and other men sworn to House Whitehill are tasked with suppressing further Northern rebellion, and ensuring the loyalty of other Northerners to Roose Bolton, the new Warden of the North. He and two other soldiers move onto Forrester land and kill Gared Tuttle's sister, as well as mortally wound his father. Gared soon arrives at the scene after escaping the Red Wedding, and upon seeing his dying father, attacks Britt and the other two men with Gregor Forrester's sword. Britt quickly disarms him and commands his companions to kill the squire, but Gared manages to defeat them and kills one or both of them depending on the player's choices. Britt then flees the scene on horseback, swearing that Gared will hang for his actions.

Britt later accompanies Ludd Whitehill to Ironrath to demand justice for Gared's killings, and tells Lord Ethan that the squire attacked him and his men for no reason. He is last seen scowling at Ethan as the Whitehills leave the Forrester stronghold.[1]

"The Sword in the Darkness"

Britt first appears in this episode when Frostfinger is announcing the new recruits at The Wall. He and Gared have a brief verbal confrontation before being separated by Frostfinger.

Atop the wall during Gared's shift, Britt joins him after leaving the elevator and attempts to taunt and infuriate him. Whether Gared is enraged or not the two then fight using several weapons at their disposal. He comments that if Gared's father could fight like him he would still be alive and the fight inevitably leads to Britt being severely maimed by Gared. Britt is last seen by Finn either bleeding to death, being finished off by Gared or being kicked off the wall.[2]

"Sons of Winter"

Britt's corpse is burned to prevent him from becoming a wight.[3]


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* Only appears as a corpse.