"One suicidal lord even wanted to ambush Aegon's camp in the dark and kill the dragons as they slept, or at the very least their riders. Hard to tell what would have been his fate. Burning? Beheading? Dismemberment? Perhaps all three."
Viserys Targaryen[src]

Brandon Snow was the bastard half-brother of Torrhen Stark, the King of Winter.


Torrhen Stark's army reached the Trident and saw that Aegon I Targaryen's force was larger than theirs by half and had three dragons. Torrhen called a conference of his lords and advisors that night and Brandon suggested ambushing Aegon's camp and killing his dragons, Balerion, Vhagar, and Meraxes, or at least killing Aegon and his sisters Rhaenys and Visenya. However, Torrhen dismissed this idea and instead bent the knee to Aegon, forever becoming known as "the King Who Knelt".[1]

In the books

In the The World of Ice & Fire, Brandon Snow's story is the same. Once Torrhen had dismissed his planned assassination attempt in the Targaryen camp, he sent Brandon and three maesters to negotiate with Aegon, before swearing fealty to Aegon the following day.

In A Dance with Dragons, Bran has a vision through Winterfell's heart tree, in which he sees a pale, fierce, dark-eyed young man slicing three branches off the weirwood and shaping them into arrows. There is a fan speculation that man is Brandon Snow, creating arrows with which to kill Aegon's dragons.

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