"I've been a squire longer than you, which means I outrank you."
―Bowen reminding Gared Tuttle of his rank when he tells him to get Norren's wine himself.[src]

Bowen is Norren's smug and sarcastic squire, and is in service to House Forrester.



Bowen became the squire of Norren, a respectable soldier in service of House Forrester and befriended Gared Tuttle who was the squire of Gregor Forrester. He was known to be a squire for longer than Gared was, he was also concerned that he would never achieve anything higher.

"Iron From Ice"

IFI bowen and Gared Talking

Bowen and Gared talking.

Bowen is among the forces of the Northern army camped outside The Twins for The Wedding of Edmure Tully. He and Gared are sent to fetch more wine during which Gared notices that the Frey soldiers are carrying weapons, Bowen notices that Gared is concerned but doesn't take it seriously and tells him to help carry the wine. When Gared realises what is about to happen he is faced with a choice: save the oblivious Bowen from the approaching soldier or race back to camp to try and warn Lord Forrester of the threat before it begins, if he chooses the latter then Bowen is suddenly killed as soon as Gared begins to leave. In this case, Norren will ask Gared if he left Bowen behind.

If Gared chooses to save Bowen then the two run back towards their camp but get separated in the chaos, however both manage to find Lord Forrester and Norren. After Lord Forrester is wounded Bowen and Norren stay behind to help Gregor and Gared escape.[1]

"The Ice Dragon"

If Bowen was saved by Gared, he appears during the Siege of Ironrath if Asher was saved at the harbor and Elissa Forrester poisoned herself to kill Ludd Whitehill. As Asher is fighting Harys, Bowen saves the Forrester lord from death by stabbing Harys in the back. Harys then quickly stabs Bowen through the chest with his sword, killing him.[2] If Asher does not poision Ludd or if Rodrik is saved, Bowen's fate is unknown.


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Iron From Ice The Lost Lords The Sword in the Darkness
Sons of Winter A Nest of Vipers The Ice Dragon

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