Ramsay Bolton: "Their army's gone."
General: "No, our army's gone."
Ramsay Bolton and the general at the Battle of the Bastards.[src]

A Bolton general remains on horseback alongside Ramsay Bolton, away from the fighting during the Battle of the Bastards.



Season 6

During the Battle of the Bastards, this general remains on horseback alongside Ramsay Bolton, away from the fighting. He accompanies Ramsay back to Winterfell after the knights of the Vale arrive and decimate the Bolton forces. Once inside the castle, the general remarks that their army is gone, but Ramsay remains confident that Jon Snow and his forces won't be able to breach Winterfell. Shortly thereafter, the gate of the castle is broken down by Wun Wun and the Bolton forces are slaughtered by the remaining wildlings and Northmen. The general's fate is not shown, though he highly likely died along with the rest of the Winterfell garrison.


Season Six appearances
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