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"Thank you, Boake."
High Sparrow[src]

Boake was a member of the Faith Militant.



Boake is a member of the Faith Militant, the recently reinstated military arm of the Faith of the Seven.

Season 5

Boake is one of the Faith Militant who ransacks Littlefinger's brothel.[1]

Boake escorts Queen Mother Cersei Lannister when she visits Queen Margaery Tyrell in her cell in the Great Sept of Baelor. He then escorts her to the High Sparrow, who thanks him and dismisses him. [2]

He escorts Septa Unella when she comes to Cersei's cell to tempt her to confess her sins with the promise of water. He opens the door to Cersei's cell for Qyburn also.[3]

Season 6

Boake was inside the Great Sept for the trials of Loras and Cersei, seen standing directly behind Loras who was beside Margaery seconds before it exploded with wildfire, killing everyone inside.[4]


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Behind the scenes

The character may be named after Robert Boake, one of the filming location managers for the TV series.

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, there is no character named Boake.