"Feeble and foolish, the old king refused to change the succession. He didn't even see how his court had split into two rival camps; the Blacks and the Greens, after the dresses that the princess and the queen had worn to some tourney."
Viserys Targaryen on the formation of the Blacks[src]

The "Blacks" were the faction during the Dance of the Dragons that supported the claim of Rhaenyra Targaryen the Iron Throne, their rivals being the Greens, who supported the claim of Aegon II Targaryen. They were named after the black color of a gown worn by Princess Rhaenyra, daughter of Viserys I Targaryen and his designated heir, during a tourney.

Great Houses

Vassal Houses

In the books

In the books, all the above houses did indeed pledge their swords to Rhaenyra. Other houses not mentioned or yet to be mentioned that also pledged their swords included

  • House Bar Emmon
  • House Brune
  • House Celtigar
  • House Crabb
  • House Darklyn
  • House Rowan
  • House Staunton

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