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| role= [[Hot Pie]]
| role= [[Hot Pie]]
| status= [[:Category:Status: Active|Active]]
| status= [[:Category:Status: Active|Active]]
| First="[[Fire and Blood]]"
| First="[[Ros]]"
| Last= [[Maisie Williams]]
| Last= [[Maisie Williams]]
| imdb=
| imdb=

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Ben Hawkey has been acting since 2010 and made his American debut in Game of Thrones.

In the series he plays the role of Hot Pie. He was announced in the role on 5 October 2010. He initially appeared as a guest star in the first season and returned in this role for the secondthirdfourth, and seventh seasons.

Timed to coincide with the premiere of Season 7, actor Hawkey partnered with UK-based food delivery app Deliveroo to open You Know Nothing Jon Dough, a pop-up bakery that sells direwolf-shaped loaves of bread (like the one his character made in Season 4).[1]


Guest starring

Season One credits
Winter Is Coming The Kingsroad Lord Snow Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things The Wolf and the Lion
A Golden Crown You Win or You Die The Pointy End Baelor Fire and Blood
Season Two credits
The North Remembers The Night Lands What Is Dead May Never Die Garden of Bones The Ghost of Harrenhal
The Old Gods and the New A Man Without Honor The Prince of Winterfell Blackwater Valar Morghulis
Season Three credits
Valar Dohaeris Dark Wings, Dark Words Walk of Punishment And Now His Watch Is Ended Kissed by Fire
The Climb The Bear and the Maiden Fair Second Sons The Rains of Castamere Mhysa
Season Four credits
Two Swords The Lion and the Rose Breaker of Chains Oathkeeper First of His Name
The Laws of Gods and Men Mockingbird The Mountain and the Viper The Watchers on the Wall The Children
Season Seven appearances
Dragonstone Stormborn The Queen's Justice The Spoils of War
Eastwatch Beyond the Wall The Dragon and the Wolf


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