Bay of Ice

A map showing the location of the Bay of Ice off the coast of Westeros.

The Bay of Ice is a large bay off the north-western coast of the continent of Westeros. It is part of the Sunset Sea. Bear Island lies within the Bay. Its northern coast is the Frozen Shore, held by the wildlings. Its eastern edge meets the southern reaches of the Frostfangs. Its southern edge is the coastland north of the Wolfswood. Sea Dragon Point projects into the southern opening of the Bay.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Bay of Ice is a large bay in the North that is bordered by the Frozen Shore to the north and Sea Dragon Point to the south. Bear Island sits within the bay. Wildling raiders from the Frozen Shore sometimes raid across the Bay of Ice, attacking both Bear Island and the lands around Deepwood Motte. The ironborn at the height of their power were able to send longships into the Bay of Ice and controlled Bear Island for several centuries until losing it in a wrestling match to the King in the North, who gifted it to a loyal retainer (who became the founder of House Mormont).

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