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"Our first victory ocurred at Summerhall, where I faced off an army of dragon-loyalists and won three battles in a single day... three in one day... Seven hells, that was a glorious day!"
Robert Baratheon[src]

The Battle of Summerhall was one of the first battles of Robert's Rebellion. It was actually three battles in a single day, all three won by Robert Baratheon, then Lord of Storm's End. Afterward, Robert marched on Ashford in the Reach, where he would experience his only defeat, leaving his brother, Stannis Baratheon, to hold Storm's End.[1][2]


Season 1

Battle of Summerhall Robert Baratheon.jpg

King Robert Baratheon recalls how he made his first kill during the battle, a boy of House Tarly.[3]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Battle of Summerhall was the second battle of the rebellion. It was actually three battles all fought on one day. Robert hit three independent armies of Targaryen-loyalist Stormlords before they could converge upon him. Lords Grandison, Cafferen, and Fell planned to join their hosts at Summerhall and march on Storm's End, but Robert learned of their plans and struck first, attacking each army individually. Lord Fell died in the battle and Robert's forces captured his son, Silveraxe. Lords Grandison and Cafferen, both loyalist commanders, went over to Robert after the battle, as did Silveraxe.

There's no mention of Tarly elements in this battle; Robert first fought the Tarlys in the Battle of Ashford. Also, Robert had already slain Marq Grafton in the Battle of Gulltown.

In A Storm of Swords, Edric Storm, one of Robert's bastards, mentions the battle, boasting that his father won three battles in one day.

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