"The Iron Throne commanded the Red Kraken to stop reaving and when he didn't, a mistress opened his throat as he slept."
Euron Greyjoy[src]

The assassination of Dalton Greyjoy took place after the end of the Dance of the Dragons.



Lord Dalton Greyjoy, known as the Red Kraken, sided with Rhaenyra Targaryen during the Dance of the Dragons, as this allowed the ironborn to return to their old way of life and pillage the Westerlands.

The Assassination

After the end of the war, the ironborn continued attacking and robbing the Lannisters. The crown commanded Lord Greyjoy to cease his raiding. When he didn't, one of his mistresses slit his throat while he was asleep.


The assassination left the ironborn crippled. The Lannisters saw this as a chance to attack the Iron Islands.

In the books

In The World of Ice & Fire, the assassination occurs the same way, with minor changes. It was the regency of King Aegon III Targaryen who commanded Dalton to cease his raiding, though he ignored them.

A mistress named Tess slit Dalton's throat while he was sleeping in Lord Farman's bedchamber in Faircastle. After this, she immediately committed suicide by throwing herself into the sea.

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