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"He called us his "little birds". He gave us sweets."
―Arthur to Qyburn about Varys.[src]

Arthur was part of Varys's network of informants and spies, and he is now under the command of Qyburn.


Season 6

Arthur and the other little birds.

He is first seen around other little birds in Qyburn's chamber, where Qyburn is tending to his bruised eye. It's revealed that Qyburn has done away with Arthur's abusive father, and has taken the boy under his wing along with the rest of the little birds. When another child asks about Lord Varys, Arthur reveals that he and the other children were the eunuch's network of 'little birds'. Qyburn bribes the children with candied plums to take allegiance with him, and do for him what they did for Varys.[1]

Later on, Arthur lures Lancel from the Great Sept of Baelor to a maze of tunnels underneath the Sept. Taking advantage of the dark, he stabs the unsuspecting sparrow in the spine, paralyzing him. He studies the man, before leaving him to die, and flees down the tunnels.[2]


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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, there are several characters whose first name is Arthur (Arthur Dayne, Arthur Ambrose, Arthur Goodbrother), but none of them are Varys's henchmen.

The names of Varys's little birds are not mentioned.

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