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"Ser Aron."
Sansa Stark greets Aron Santagar[src]

Ser Aron Santagar was a member of House Santagar, a knightly house of Dorne.


Season 1

Ser Aron is present at a court session in the Red Keep, in which Janos Slynt is created Lord Slynt and given the castle of Harrenhal, and later Ser Barristan Selmy is dismissed from the Kingsguard. When Sansa appears to ask for mercy for her father, she greets Ser Aron, though the knight turns away.[1]

Ser Aron dies during the riots in King's Landing.[2]


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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Ser Aron Santagar is the Master-at-Arms of the Red Keep. He is Dornish, as revealed in the fourth novel, and is described by Ser Rodrik Cassel as a vain but honest man.

In the first book, Ser Aron is secretly approached by Ser Rodrik to see if he might recognize the dagger used by the assassin sent to murder Bran. He also participates in the Tourney of the Hand.

Upon their arrival in King's Landing, Tyrion sends Podrick to Ser Aron for training. Pod's training comes to an end when Ser Aron is killed.

During the Riot of King's Landing, Tyrion sees Ser Aron being pulled from his saddle, the gold-and-black Baratheon stag torn from his grasp. His body is later found in a gutter, his head a red pulp inside a crushed helm. According to the Hound, four men held Ser Aron down and took turns bashing at his head with a cobblestone; the Hound intervened and gutted one, but his action did not save Ser Aron's life.

In the parallel episode scene of the riot, several courtiers are shown to be attacked by the rioting mob; it is unclear if any of these were meant to be Ser Aron.

While Ser Aron died in the second novel, as of the fifth novel no specific replacement for him as Master-of-Arms at the Red Keep has been mentioned.

Tommen, who has befriended Loras Tyrell, tells his mother he wishes Loras to be the new Master-of-Arms. Jaime thinks too that Loras is a good choice, but Cersei - who deeply loathes all the Tyrells - refuses to hear about it, and contemplates about appointing a Dornish for the office (because that would annoy the Tyrells).

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