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Braavosi madam: "Our most expensive girl. But well worth it, I assure you."
Meryn Trant: "Too old."
— A madam and Ser Meryn Trant on Anara.[src]

Anara is a prostitute living in Braavos.



Anara is a prostitute living in Braavos. She practices her trade in the same brothel as Lhara and Brea.

Season 5

Anara is shown to Ser Meryn Trant after Brea is dismissed for being too old for Meryn's tastes. Even though the madam states Anara is the most expensive of the establishment's girls and assures Meryn she's worth the price, Meryn discards her, finding even her too old. This makes the madam realize with some distaste what Trant is after.[1]


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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, there is no character named Anara. During her time as "Cat of the Canals", however, Arya does meet a number of courtesans.