Note: This battle occurs only if Rodrik stayed behind at the Harbor to save Asher's life.
Asher Forrester: "Lay low and be ready to strike the moment I give the order."
Amaya: "And what order is that, Asher?"
Asher Forrester and Amaya before the ensuing chaos.[src]
The Ambush at the Tuttle Farm is a skirmish in the Forrester-Whitehill conflict, in which Asher Forrester and his Essosi pit fighters ambush a platoon of House Whitehill soldiers almost immediately after his return from exile.



Following the Ambush at the Harbor, and the subsequent death of Rodrik Forrester, House Forrester has a new lord, the Essosi legionaries have absolute faith in Asher and the Forrester militia is determined to avenge the deceased members of House Forrester.

The Ambush

Whilst Asher is riding to Ironrath with his Pit Fighters, he stops at the Tuttle Farm and he orders Amaya or Bloodsong to scout the area with a Forrester Horseman for possible Whitehill parties, he/she comes back and tells Asher that a group of Whitehill soldiers is headed their way, Asher order his men to stage an ambush for the Whitehills. They hide and wait, after a short time, a small group of soldiers, leaded by a Whitehill horseman,enters the Farm, Asher throws an axe in the horseman's head and he immediately order the Pit Fighters to attack, The Whitehills are easily overpowered by Asher's soldiers and the fight quickly ends, Asher notices Gryff isn't among them and a soldier mocks Rodrik's death before Asher beats him to death. His Sentinel informs him that he is Lord now and needs to act like it. Asher and Beskha talk about Rodrik as Asher mourns his older brother. He sends a man forward to tell his mother about Rodrik's death.[1]


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