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Alyn of Hull is a sailor in the Velaryon fleet.



Alyn and his brother Addam are originally from Hull, a portuary town in Driftmark.[1]

At some point he joined the Velaryon fleet and participated in the final stages of the War for the Stepstones,[1] saving the life of Lord Corlys Velaryon when he was wounded during combat and fell into the sea.[2]

House of the Dragon: Season 2[]

Alyn is in Spicetown's harbor helping with repairs to the Sea Snake, Corlys Velaryon's flagship, when the Lord of the Tides appears to oversee the repairs. Alyn greets his lord and informs him of the current situation at the blockade of the Gullet.[3]

Corlys wants his ship ready to lead the campaign but Alyn responds that the Sea Snake will take weeks to be ready for battle again, although he promises to talk to his brother, Addam, to see if it is possible to enlist more shipwrights.[3]

Alyn then gives Corlys a dagger that he commissioned for his grandson, the murdered Prince Lucerys. Alyn gives his condolences to Corlys calling Lucerys's murder "the blackest of treacheries" before returning to work. Corlys notes he was told it was Alyn who personally jumped into the sea to save him after his throat was slashed and he fell overboard in the ambush, and that he owes him a great debt, but Alyn says he was just doing his duty.[3]

Alyn is helping the crew of the Sea Snake when his brother appears, whom he has not seen in many months. Both hug and walk away, joking about Alyn's adventures and what awaits them at home for lunch. It is then that Addam mentions his brother's loyal services to Lord Corlys Velaryon, and asks if he will leave with him when the ship is ready. Alyn answers that Corlys did not ask him to go with him, and that it is better that way, because Alyn knows that a bloody war is about to break out, even though Addam believes it is a great opportunity for his brother to gain fortune and reputation.[4]

Alyn is continuing his work on the Sea Snake when Rhaenys appears at the harbor. He addresses her as "milady," but she corrects him by asking him to call her "princess." Rhaenys says that she has been told that Alyn was the one to save Corlys's life in the Stepstones. Examining his face, she continues that she was not told how comely Corlys's savior was, and bitterly comments that his mother must have been very beautiful. Corlys interrupts, and Alyn leaves to resume his work. Rhaenys tells her husband that she knows who Alyn is and that he should be raised and honored for his actions, not hidden away.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

On April 24, 2023, HBO announced that Abubakar Salim had been cast in the role of Alyn of Hull for House of the Dragon: Season 2.[1] His character description reads as follows:

"A young sailor who saved the Sea Snake’s life in battle at the Stepstones."[2]

In the books[]

In Fire & Blood, Alyn was a bastard son of Marilda of Hull, and younger brother of Addam of Hull. He was born in 115 AC, a year after his brother. He and Addam grew up in their maternal grandfather's shipyard and served on the trading cog Mouse.[6]

No one doubted that Alyn and his brother were dragonseeds, since both had a silvery hair and purple eyes. According to their mother, their father was Laenor Velaryon; they looked like him, but the claim was questionable in view of Laenor's sexual preference. Grand Maester Munkun and Septon Eustace both dutifully asserted that Laenor was the father, but the court jester Mushroom claimed the father was Corlys.

Alyn did not fight in the War of the Stepstones, which ended the same year he was born (115 AC).

Unlike the series, in the books Alyn never met Rhaenys. The jester Mushroom claimed that Corlys kept Alyn and his brother Addam hidden so as not to offend his wife.




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