"Aegon landed at the mouth of the Blackwater River and raised a primitive Aegonfort in the disputed lands between Harren's and Argilac's kingdom, so that neither could decide whose problem he was."

The Aegonfort was a primitive fort which Aegon I Targaryen had built at the mouth of the Blackwater River in the disputed land between the kingdoms of Argilac Durrandon and Harren Hoare when he launched the War of Conquest.[1]

Aegonfort town

A town is built around the Aegonfort.

Following the victories of his forces at the burning of Harrenhal[2], the Last Storm[3] and the Field of Fire[4], as well as the surrenders of House Stark[5] and House Arryn[6], Aegon had the swords of his defeated foes brought to the Aegonfort. During the conquest, a town had sprouted around the Aegonfort, which the locals dubbed "King's Landing" in honor of their new master. Once all of the Seven Kingdoms with exception of Dorne had bowed to him, Aegon had the Aegonfort built into the Red Keep and his dragon Balerion used his fire to forge the swords of Aegon's enemies into the Iron Throne.[7]

In the books

Aegonfort becomes Red Keep

The Aegonfort is built into the Red Keep.

In The World of Ice & Fire, the Aegonfort was a sloppy confusion of earth, wood and brick with a fifty foot wooden palisade built around it.

Aegon defeated a dozen castles in the vicinity of Blackwater Bay and commanded the defeated lords to attend him at Aegonfort, atop what would become Aegon's High Hill. There, they placed their swords at his feet, and he confirmed them in their lands and titles.

In 35 AC, Aegon realized that the fort was not suited to be the seat of a king. He moved his family back to Dragonstone, and had the Aegonfort burned to the ground. Construction began on the castle that would be known as the Red Keep.

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