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"Do not be foolish, Alyn. To serve with the Sea Snake is to make your fortune. Had I such a chance, I would leap at it."
―Addam to Alyn[src]

Addam of Hull is a shipwright working for the Velaryon fleet.[1]



Addam and his brother, Alyn are from Hull, a town on Driftmark.[1]

House of the Dragon: Season 2[]

While he is reporting to Corlys Velaryon about the current situation regarding the blockade of the Gullet, and the time needed to fix the Sea Snake, Alyn says that he will talk with Addam, to see if it is possible to have more shipowners.[2]

Addam goes to Spicetown with a dozen other shipwrights to help with the repairs of the Velaryon fleet, and reunites with his brother. Addam and Alyn hug one another and start talking about Alyn's adventures and what's for dinner. Addam says he heard that Lord Corlys personally commended Alyn for his service, and encourages him to join the crew of the Sea Snake in the hope that he will make a fortune and make a name for himself, but Alyn is reluctant to this since he knows that a bloody war is near.[3]

Later while foraging for crabs and clams on the beaches of Driftmark, Addam witnesses the dragon Seasmoke flying overhead.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

On December 2, 2023, HBO announced that Clinton Liberty had been cast in the role of Addam of Hull for House of the Dragon: Season 2.[4] His character description reads as follows:

"A shipwright for the Velaryon fleet and Alyn’s brother."[1]

In the books[]

In Fire & Blood, Addam was a bastard son of Marilda of Hull, and older brother of Alyn of Hull. He was born in 114 AC, a year before his brother. He and Alyn grew up in their maternal grandfather's shipyard and served on the trading cog Mouse.[5]

No one doubted that Addam and his brother were dragonseeds, since both had a silvery hair and purple eyes. According to their mother, their father was Laenor Velaryon; they looked like him, but the claim was questionable in view of Laenor's sexual preference. Grand Maester Munkun and Septon Eustace both dutifully asserted that Laenor was the father, but the court jester Mushroom claimed the father was Corlys.

Addam never worked as a shipwright for the Velaryon fleet.




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