"Agora não Mace, o Senhor Tywin e eu estamos conversando!"
―Senhor Mace Tyrell é tratado como criança pela mãe, Olenna.[[O Leão e a Rosa

O Senhor Mace Tyrell é um personagem recorrente nas temporadas 4, 5 e 6 da série. Ele é interpretado pelo ator Roger Ashton-Griffiths e estréia no episódio "O Leão e a Rosa".

Mace Tyrell era o Senhor do Jardim de Cima e líder da Casa Tyrell. Ele é o pai de Loras e Margaery Tyrell, e filho da Olenna Tyrell. Inicialmente ele apoiava a reinvindicação de Renly Baratheon ao Trono de Ferro na Guerra dos Cinco Reis, mas após a morte de Renly ele negociou com sucesso uma aliança com a Casa Lannister e assim passou a dar suporte à reinvindicação do jovem rei Joffrey ao trono, na condição de que sua filha Margaery se casa-se com Joffrey, tornando-a então rainha e dando à Casa Tyrell o prestígio do sangue real. Após a troca de reis, ele então foi nomeado como Mestre dos Navios e Mestre da Moeda no Conselho Pequeno do rei Tommen.



Mace Tyrell is the Lord of Highgarden and head of House Tyrell, one of the Great Houses of Westeros. He is the Lord Paramount of the Reach and Warden of the South. The Tyrells are one of the richest and most powerful families in Westeros, second only to the Lannisters - for while the mountains of the Westerlands possess rich gold mines, the fields of The Reach are the most fertile in Westeros, capable of supporting armies almost twice the size of any other kingdom.

Mace is not considered a great strategist or general himself - his own mother Olenna openly describes him as an oaf. On the other hand, he has shown good judgment in delegating such tasks to trusted, skilled subordinates, such as the famous general Randyll Tarly, who often commands Mace's forces in battle.

Mace might not be the most intelligent man, but he is an amiable fellow well-liked by most of his bannermen, as well a loving husband and father. Mace has one son, Loras, and a daughter, Margaery, arguably the most eligible woman in the Seven Kingdoms. Mace hopes to make a good match for her to increase the already considerable power and influence of his family.[1][2][3] Mace is particularly eager for Margaery to secure a royal marriage for their family because unlike some of the other Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms such as the Starks or Lannisters, the Tyrells never ruled as kings in their own right, but were granted control of the Reach as a reward for submitting to Aegon the Conqueror during the Targaryen Conquest three hundred years ago. Thus entering into the royal bloodline would increase House Tyrell's prestige and secure their rule over their fractious vassals in the Reach.[4]

During Robert's Rebellion, Mace and House Tyrell stayed loyal to House Targaryen. The Tyrells owed their rule over Highgarden and the Reach to the Targaryen kings, who after the Targaryen Conquest three centuries before had awarded rule of the Reach to the Tyrells ahead of other families from the region which actually had better claims (such as House Florent). The Tyrell armies were able to inflict the only defeat that Robert Baratheon suffered during the entire war at the Battle of Ashford. Afterwards, Mace's massive army moved east to lay siege to the mighty castle-seat of the Baratheons, Storm's End. The Siege of Storm's End lasted the better part of a year, while Mace and his commanders feasted in sight of the starving garrison led by Robert's younger brother Stannis. Ultimately Stannis's determined defense held, and the siege only succeeded in pinning down Mace's army and preventing it from assisting the Targaryens in the climactic battles occurring further north. After the Sack of King's Landing, Eddard Stark rode south with the main rebel army to relieve the siege. With the capital city in rebel hands, and both Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and his father Mad King Aerys dead, Mace saw that the war was clearly lost and gave no battle to Lord Eddard. Instead he peacefully dipped his banners and submitted to Robert's rule, and in return was treated leniently, pardoned, and allowed to continue ruling the Reach as his family had before the war. However, ever since there was never any great love between Mace Tyrell and Stannis Baratheon.[5][6]

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