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Hearts bane is lightbringer

I have a theory, maybe it has been discussed. I'm new to the forums so apologies if I'm theorizing on a previous theory. I believe in the show that hearts bane is lightbringer.. Here's a quick synopsis why I believe so. Sam took the sword from his father although he is not actually a fighter. Over time I think the swords name was changed to protect it from thieves, but whoever named it wanted to keep its history. So seeing as how lightbringer was plunged into azor ahais beloveds heart, they named it hearts bane. I think that Jon snow is indeed the prince who was promised, so he will have to slay Dany in order to give lightbringer a new life through sacrifice. Kind of a full circle scenario since Dany was able to awaken the dragons through Kal drogo, their unborn child and her own sacrifice into the flames. Since according to her right hand woman azor ahai can mean prince or princess, maybe Dany and jon working and sacrificing together is the only thing to bring light to the darkness. The show has a theme of deceit which leads characters no where except death. Yet when they sacrifice their own safety and work together then they accomplish goals. So Sam, Jon and Dany working together can achieve victory and turn hearts bane back into lightbringer. Thoughts? I would live to hear them.
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At last Thank you HBO Game of Throne Will Air on Next April
'Game of Thrones' final season is coming in April
'Game of Thrones' final season is coming in April CNN
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Drone footage of 'Game of Thrones' filming locations

Game of Thrones Drone Video Collections @airvuz
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Who do you think is going to make a surprise comeback before the show ends?

Kinda hoping Daario does. And maybe we get some love triangle drama with Dany and Jon 😆.
9 GAME OF THRONES Characters Who Could Make Surprise Returns | Nerdist
9 GAME OF THRONES Characters Who Could Make Surprise Returns | Nerdist Nerdist
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Did Rhaegar see that he was going to die and his son becoming the Prince Who Was Promised?

Rhaegar is such a curious person. He had litterly everything he wanted. Power, popularity, a wife and a bright future as king of the seven kingdoms, and yet he threw it all away for Lyanna Stark. Did he needed her to make him a second son?

I know that Rhaegar's ancestors had the power to see the future, like the Doom of Valyria. Is that Rhaegar had this power too? He saw that he was going to die at the trident and he was not the prince who was promised, but his second son Jon?

According to legend, the prince who was promised is supposed to be like the Lightbringer sword. Three swords were made and only one of them was wielded by Azor Ahai. If Rhaegar, Aegon and Jon are the three swords, then Jon is the last one who would become Lightbringer, becoming the prince who was promised.

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• 11/8/2018
Game of Thrones Facts on Twitter
Game of Thrones Facts on Twitter Twitter
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• 11/3/2018

Two researchers from Australia conduct Game of Thrones Study

The Wall has been breached and the Army of the Dead are marching on The North. How will the cards fall? Which characters will survive the final season of Game of Thrones?

We are two scientists that just couldn't wait until the release of the final 8th season for our next dose of Game of Thrones. So we came up with an idea... (Some might call it an excuse to re-watch the first 7 seasons.)

Each year several scientific journals release a 'Christmas edition'. These particular journal issues are filled with real scientific articles, but with a twist. The data and scientific methods in these articles are genuine, but the topic of study can be quirky, comical, or absurd. So you can probably guess where this is going…

If you’re a fan of the Game of Thrones television series, you would have learnt not to get too attached to any of the characters, because sooner or later, they are probably going to be killed off. It would seem that no one is safe, no matter how popular or integral to the story line that a character may be.

We designed a study to investigate mortality and survival in Seasons 1-7 of Game of Thrones. We set out to determine exactly how long a character survived in the show and which attributes were crucial for longevity using real scientific methods. We crunched the numbers and wrote it up into manuscript form, submitted it to peer review, and it has been accepted for publication in the 2018 Christmas edition of the journal Injury Epidemiology. We are proud of our article, which received excellent feedback from reviewers: "What a fun read!" and "I enjoyed reading it!".

Scientific publishing can be expensive and we had no research grant to carry out this work. We therefore kindly ask the fans of Game of Thrones to help us raise funds to cover the publication fee for our article. This will allow it to be published "open access", thereby allowing all fans to freely access and read the article without being blocked by paywalls. We promise to let you know as soon as the article is published online, so you can read it, share a giggle with us, and discuss our findings.

We appreciate your help in making science fun and building the buzz for the final season.


Dr Reidar Lystad and Dr Benjamin Brown

Click here to support Game of Thrones - Research organized by Benjamin Brown
Click here to support Game of Thrones - Research organized by Benjamin Brown
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• 10/30/2018

Game of Thrones prequel casts Naomi Watts

Two time Oscar nominee Naomi Watts will play the lead role in Game of Thrones: The Long Night:

‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel Casts Naomi Watts in Lead Role
‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel Casts Naomi Watts in Lead Role Variety
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• 10/29/2018
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• 10/25/2018


What do you think?
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• 10/25/2018
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• 10/19/2018

Jon as King of the North strange fact (show)

So when the battle of the bastards is about to start, Jon breaks the formation and their battle plan by trying to reach Rickon. He fucks up the entire battle, and after having his ass saved by The Vale and Sansa he gets crowned as King in the North... Where the hell did common sense escape after the book script has ended? (apparently, Tywin died at the same moment, so it appears that it's mocking the lack of most intelligent character in the show)
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• 10/17/2018

The Best Episode

S06E10 : The Winds Of Winter is the best episode in the entire show.. agree?
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• 10/16/2018

Brother Vs Brother

Are we going to witness The Hound Vs The Mountain in season 9? if so who is going to win. Any predictions?
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• 10/14/2018


Does anybody have a friend like this?
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• 10/11/2018

I HATE!!! Sandor Clegane!!!

Sick of everyone falling in love with the Hound and his "redemption" arc!!! Just cause he had some good scenes with Arya (all money motivated) and avenged the poor septon doesn't fix all the wrong he did:

1) Murdered the innocent child of a butcher for just being a child.

2) Sat back and watched all of the Lannisters evil deeds for years.

3) Robbed a poor old man and his daughter and left them to die even after the gave him food and lodging.

4) Froze in fear while Thoros of Myr was getting mauled by a wight/bear. Causing them to lose their Red Priest and their only slim chance of resurrections.

5) Nearly killed them all by immaturely throwing rocks at wights and showing them it was solid to walk on, costing them precious hours they could've waited for Dany peacefully rather than the massacre that followed.

My point being, just cause we all want to see him kill the Mountain.... (to me it doesn't matter who does it, Arya?) The Hound is just another Dog who I will be very satisfied to see put down!!!

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• 10/11/2018

Restructuring of the seven kingdoms

Restructuring of the seven kingdoms preparing for the end of the great war through the perspective of the free folk

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• 10/9/2018

Our fandom name

I think we should use “Thronies” much more lmao 😂it’s cute 🤷🏽‍♀️
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• 10/6/2018

Lack of GoT games

We definitely need a Game of Thrones videogame...
Idc what type of game, we just need one..

I played through the Telltale GoT for the third time (1st ep. only.. Maybe they'll give the other episodes for free, since they might shut down), and played the GoT: Conquest too.. But the latter is not my type of a game...

We could really use a GoT RPG
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