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Game of Thrones Season 3 Blu-Ray- Deleted Scene
Game of Thrones Season 3 Blu-Ray- Deleted Scene YouTube
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Game of Thrones Season 8 trailer!?!?

Jeez this trailer is driving everyone up the wall, my theory is it is probably going to drop today or the 21st , what are your thoughts on the trailer release date?
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Hi I just started watching game of thrones ! I'm trying to catch up with by the time the final season comes out !
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Greetings Users

I have been recently appointed a permanent Discussion Moderator on this wiki. I would like to help you guys by creating better categories for making and categorizing posts. I would like to hear from you what are your suggestions? What type of categories/filters should we have for our wiki?
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Most underrated character?

  • Bronn
  • The hound
  • Grenn
  • Like all the characters from the book....
  • Rickon
  • Barristan selmy
  • Someone else
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Countdown Clock.

I think there no action to count Down to one of the greatest shows ever. I will take matter in to my hand, and I will count Down and post every day.

59 DAYS YO Go!!!!
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Rhaegar Targaryen's sword.

This is something that I noticed when I was rewatching season 7 finale where we are shown the wedding of Rhaegar and Lyanna. If we pay close enough attention to the couple specifically while Rhaegar and Lyanna's kiss after taking their vows, one can notice the shape of Rhaegar's sword. When looking at the sword on closer inspection I found that the blade is actually not a standard Westerosi double eged longsword. The blade is actually resembles a cusped falchion sword (single edged with a curving tip) rather than a regular Knight's sword (double sided edges meeting at the tip to form a conical arrow head) that we have seen everywhere in the show. This sword of Rhaegar's is strikingly similar to the descriptions of an arakh in AWOIAF books. I have added the image below. Does anyone have any thoughts about this?
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Really romantic watchthrough timing

So I'm rewatching an episode daily (started on the 6th of Feburary) so that I'll have seen the entire first seven seasons again right before the 8th season starts. And wow isn't the timing perfect? Ned's head flies on Valentine's Day XD. Amazingly romantic, especially how it shows how much Joffrey cares for Sansa. If only I had a gf/bf to watch this incredibly romantic scene with...

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check this out
Emilia Clarke Gives the Game of Thrones Cast Superlatives // Omaze
Emilia Clarke Gives the Game of Thrones Cast Superlatives // Omaze YouTube
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• 2/13/2019

Tywin Lannister / Iron Throne

Why didn't Tywin Lannister make a move for the Iron Throne? Joffrey, Tommen and even Cersei could've been done away with. I do think he was too proud to spill the beans on Cersei and Jamie's little secret, and he could've done away with the Baratheon brothers easy enough.

He was actually running things anyway. I just find it odd that he never made a play for the throne.

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• 2/13/2019

Theory of Bronn

So I'm trying to figure out where Bronn ends up. Jammie went north alone. Tyrion is with Danny. Those are the only 2 people he has, I hate to say loyalty to because he is a sell sword, but a solid relationship with, I guess? I dont see him bending to the whims of Cersei or anyone else. I certainly don't see him going head to head with Jamie, or putting Tyrion to the sword. To me he is one of the most interesting characters. He is so important to so many things yet he is always in the background. Any thoughts?
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• 2/13/2019

The Throne

Who’s taking the throne?!
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• 2/12/2019

Well, this is unexpected

'Game of Thrones' showrunners reveal Ser Pounce is dead
'Game of Thrones' showrunners reveal Ser Pounce is dead
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• 2/12/2019

Game of Thrones Articles

Hey guys! I wrote some GoT articles recently, check them out here.
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• 2/12/2019

Origins of Daenerys' Dragons.

Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion had hatched from the eggs that Daenerys had received from Illyrio as a wedding present. This could lead to a fair possibility that these are the same three eggs that were stolen by Elissa Farman from Dragonstone in 54 AC. This would imply that Daenerys' three Dragons are actually descendants of the second generation dragon Dreamfyre who was Queen Rhaena Targaryen's ride.
We know that the three Dragons hatched in 299 AC which makes the eggs 255 years old. This will also provide proof for Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion actually being third generation Targaryen Dragons, which matches the physical descriptions of the three Dragons to other third generation Dragons that existed in the past. The book readers might know that Elissa Farman under the alias of Alys Westhill had sold the three stolen eggs to the sealord of Bravoos and if we follow this theory than somehow more than 2 centuries later the eggs came into the possession of Illyrio. Also as Illyrio Mopatis had prior connections to the prince of Pentos through his wife and the amount of riches he has acquired this gives him enough power and legitimacy to acquire the same eggs from somewhere. Maybe Varys also had some part to play in providing the eggs to Illyrio and then through him to Daenerys. If Varys' spy network and Illyrio's wealth were put to proper places than it is entirely possible for them to get the dragon eggs.
This theory is somewhat of a result of my own recent reading of Targaryen's history if a similar theory might exist which I did not find in our fandom then my apologies to it's creators.
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• 2/11/2019

Game of Thrones: Official Fan Anthem #ForTheThrone (HBO)
Game of Thrones: Official Fan Anthem #ForTheThrone (HBO) YouTube
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• 2/11/2019

Who do you think will be Azor Ahai?

  • Aegon Targaryen
  • Jaime Lannister
  • Daenerys Targaryen
  • Other (Jorah Mormont, Petyr Baelish etc.)
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• 2/11/2019

White Walkers language Skroth

In the books the White Walkers had a language which sounded like the cracking of ice and a demonic tone to it. They added the language to the pilot episode which was later removed to make the White Walkers seem more mysterious. The shows Linguist actually said The White Walkers' Language is called "Skroth". I really hope they make The Night King speak it in Season 8, I've also listened to the audio clip of Skroth gees it's fucking creepy! What do you think?
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